Treacherous Remoaners Descend On Leicesterstan

A protest against Democracy took place in my home town of Leicester this evening. Our courageous PM Boris Johnson made the correct decision to suspend Parliament in the run up to Britain leaving the EU, to ensure there was as little time as possible for the treacherous remoaners to bring in legislation to thwart Brexit.

His decision has sent the opposition into MELTDOWN, they’re screaming that he’s a ‘tin pot dictator’ a threat to democracy and they’ve even gone as far as saying he’s not acting in the best interests of the country, ladies and gentlemen I have a feeling things are going to heat up some what, between now and October 31st.

Anyway back to the shambles in Leicester, according to the Leicester Mercury there were around 200 protesters gathered outside of the cities clock tower, mainly consisting of Labour politicians, trade union reps, as well as the Green Party and the Lib Dems. Basically an avalanche of Remoaners who don’t seem to quite grasp how democracy works.

Liberal Democrat Harborough parliamentary candidate Zuffar Haq said: “It does make a difference that so many people have turned up this evening.

“It is so important we stop Boris Johnson – I don’t call him Boris Johnson, I call him Boris Trump because there’s not much difference between them. I find it very odd that Mr Zuffar Haq is in a position to be critical of our democracy, Boris or Trump, when he follows a belief system that actively promotes marrying children, oppressing women and murdering disbelievers. But No Haq clearly has a problem with the big bad exwemists!

Stuart Brady, the Labour parliamentary candidate for Loughborough, described the prorogation of Parliament an an ‘absolute aberration’ and an ‘undemocratic take over of the constitution’. It’s hardly an aberration and it most certainly isn’t undemocratic, when the majority VOTED TO LEAVE, over 3 years ago I might add.

Sarah Seaton, from the Leicester Trades Council, told the demonstration: “The situation is absolute madness.

“The suspension is an attempt by them (the Tories) to stick their fingers in their ears and say ‘I don’t want to listen to what the other side of the table has to say – I’m bored of your arguments and I want to let this go to no-deal.’

“They are behaving worse than children do.” I mean that’s a bit rich coming from the very people that proceed to behave like petulant children because they aren’t getting there own way. If you think she’s crazy wait until you read what’s coming.

Former Leicester deputy mayor and Labour East Midlands MEP Rory Palmer said: “We have gathered at this Clock Tower in Leicester for many year, for many occasions and many causes.

“I cannot ever have imagined we would stand here to have to defend and speak up for the fundamental values of British parliamentary democracy.

“It’s not often I feel frightened but I feel frightened about what is happening at the moment.

“This is sinister and dangerous. It’s an assault to prevent our political institutions from meeting.”

Yep, you read he’s frightened because our Prime Minister is acting in the interests of the British people, when will these virtue signalling morons realize that LEAVING is the only option. Quite frankly we should of already left by now, all we’re seeing really is the last gasps of a desperate, dying movement that cannot bear the thought of our country being an independent, sovereign nation that makes it’s own laws and determines it’s own future! I mean come on what’s really so bad about that?

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