Tommy Robinson Released From Prison

This glorious Friday morning has got even better with the news that Tommy Robinson has been released from HMP Belmarsh.

Tommy was outrageously sent to prison back in July for ‘Contempt Of Court’ after apparently causing anxiety to Muslim pedophiles, after asking them what they thought of their verdicts.

We all know that Tommy has been politically persecuted and that his incarceration should never have happened. However Unfortunately we live in a police state where political dissidents are routinely arrested and harassed.

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Degenerate leftists will be foaming at the mouth today given the fact Mr Robinson has been released.

I have to say it’s pleasing to see Tommy out and smiling. We all know he should never of been sent to prison in the first place. He was literally doing his job and the British establishment went after him because they fear his message and also his ability to energize and encourage the working class. 

Tommy has worked tirelessly to help the forgotten people of the country get their stories out. He’s helped raise thousands of pounds for notable charitable causes. The people that brand this man ‘hateful’ and ‘racist’ clearly have no idea what they’re talking about. Tommy highlights problems within the Islamic communities that are quite frankly being swept under the carpet by the politically correct media. 

Tommy has inspired many people across this country and he will keep on doing that, despite the many obstacles and barriers that are thrown in front of him. 

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  1. Good Luck Tommy for the future and your family one day poetic justice will return.

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