The Truth About The Black Lives Matter Protests

I certainly never thought I’d see the day where the death of an African American criminal on the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota would result in thousands of people taking to the streets of London and Manchester. However that’s exactly what’s happened. I can’t help but wonder if the worst is to come.


George Floyd died in police custody on the 25th May 2020. Since that avoidable event unfolded we’ve seen violent riots erupt in major cities across America and Europe, riots that are being portrayed as peaceful protests by the Anti-White mainstream media. What we’ve learnt since the death of Floyd is, firstly his death could of been prevented, we all heard him shout numerous times to the Police officers that he couldn’t breathe and this was ignored by the arresting officers. The officers FAILED in their duty of care for Floyd, their failures ultimately has led to the carnage that we’re experiencing on the streets of major cities both in America and the UK.


I understand the frustration and anger over the death of Floyd. However there is no justification for the actions of these so called ‘peaceful’ protesters. In America we’ve seen shop keepers attacked, shops looted, police officers attacked and murdered, Churches set on fire, historical monuments and statues defaced and vandalized. Even the biggest cheerleaders for Black Lives Matter, CNN. Fell victim to the mob.

Their headquarters was attacked by the mob. Simply put, since the death of Floyd, Antifa and Black Lives Matter have gone on a rampage and their actions should be classed as domestic terrorism. They are hoping by using violence, that they will be able to bring down Trump. In my opinion it all seems a bit suspect.

The protests (RIOTS) have even made their way over to our green and pleasant land. With thousands of people taking to the streets of London and Manchester, to express their outrage over the death of Floyd and in their own words to show solidarity with the Black community. From what I can gather the main reasons why they’re protesting are systematic racism, police brutality and the death of George Floyd.

Now there are several issues that are annoying me in regards to the BLM & Antifa protests. Firstly, the hypocrisy is breathtaking, thousands of people in this country are outraged over the death of a black criminal 4 thousand miles away, they’re so outraged that they’ve decided to take to the streets in the midst of a pandemic. They’re quite happy to put others at risk, so long as they can stay trendy, get a selfie, chant black lives matter and make out that they’re part of something edgy, organic and righteous. The very people that have been shaming others in regards to social distancing through out this Chinese engineered pandemic are now breaking all the rules and endangering the lives others but I guess lockdown rules are only being enforced against people that the Police disagree with.

Secondly, why didn’t we see thousands of these people take to the streets when there were racist murders committed against the indigenous population. I didn’t see any of the BLM or Antifa protesters come out for Emily Jones, Kriss Donald, Ross Parker, Josh, Harry, George or any other victim of crime committed by an Alien. When the Manchester Arena was attacked and 22 people lost their lives, we were told to ‘Not look back in anger’ As you can see the hypocrisy is staggering and it really does make you angry.

The Black Lives matter protests aren’t about Justice For George Floyd, firstly because justice is already being served. All four police officers have been sacked, arrested & charged and are now in state custody. In my opinion these protests are about bringing down Western Civilization. I personally believe that BLM are being used by the Marxists in the hope that they will start a race war. Which by the way is a very stupid idea and one that wouldn’t work out well for both sides. Ultimately we must realise that because of the actions of the political class, we have millions of people in our society that have polar opposite beliefs to us. We are an endangered species and we must bound together for the good of our people.

Now more than ever community is key. We must build strong communities that will come together when the situation gets worse. On the anniversary of D-Day BLM activists defaced the statue of arguably our greatest PM Sir Winston Churchill. Remember the people that are out protesting for BLM are the very same people that hate you, hate our country, it’s history and most importantly their end goal is to destroy our way of life. We simply cannot allow that to happen. Although it seems inevitable, you’d think given the Met Police would come down hard on these savages, but no! they’ve been given a free pass to bring havoc to the streets of our capital.

Cressida Dick Commissioner of the Met Police, the woman that labeled me a threat to democracy and got me banned from Parliament for 5 years, believes that enforcing Lockdown laws against these protesters would lead to violent disorder. Never have I seen such cowardly policing.

Ultimately the general population will awaken to the lies of BLM and Antifa. I mean it’s hardly like they’re giving off great optics is it?

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Never have these words meant more!

4 Comments on "The Truth About The Black Lives Matter Protests"

  1. Richard Osborne | June 7, 2020 at 17:13 | Reply

    The country is now at what i would call peak wank.God bless you James.

    • James Goddard | June 13, 2020 at 21:36 | Reply

      Hopefully the general public will awaken to the threats posed to us, we can only hope.

  2. You have summed up perfectly what this is really about. I feel so angry towards Cressida Dick and this government for allowing the destruction of London and potentially causing a huge spike in the virus. They are feckless and ordinary people like me don’t trust them anymore. They should put the troops on the streets, crack a few heads and give the troops rubber bullets, they’d soon shit their soy filled pants.

    • James Goddard | June 13, 2020 at 21:35 | Reply

      Hi Lesley. It’s such a shame to see the way our country is going. Cressida Dick should resign but she won’t. It amazes me that I was banned from Parliament for 5 years for approaching an MP, yet these ‘protesters’ are given free reign to bring carnage to our streets.

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