The Queen Consents To Parliament Being Suspended!

The battle for Brexit has come to head again with PM Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament for 5 weeks starting on September 9th. It would appear that the REMOANERS have gone into complete, utter meltdown. It gives the undemocratic REMOANERS just days to STOP ‘No Deal’ Brexit after Parliament returns on September 3rd 2019. Their next chance will be on October 14th, a mere two weeks before the United Kingdom is due to leave, with or without a deal.

Anti-Democratic remainer rebels are desperately trying to prevent a ‘No Deal’ Brexit using the following two options, a vote of no confidence, which would bring down the current government and give the slippery, Marxist, scum bag Jeremy Corbyn an opportunity to attempt to form a ‘minority’ government. Their other option would be to bring in legislation to delay Brexit and further frustrate the will of the people.

If Mr Johnson’s government loses a no confidence vote, there is a two week period where all parties can try to form a government that will win the support of a majority of MPs. If no new government emerges, a General Election will be held, and whether Election day falls before or after October 31 will be crucial. If it is afterwards, the UK could leave the EU during the campaign, but this would most likely prompt legal challenges.

It would appear to me that Mr Johnson is acting on behalf of the 17.4 million that VOTED TO LEAVE over 3 years ago. Ever since we made that decision, our politically correct, undemocratic ruling class have tried to thwart it at every opportunity. They claim it’s democracy in action, when we all know it’s not.

I am sick and tired of being told, we didn’t know what we were voting for, or that the referendum isn’t legally binding. We all knew what we were voting for!

As to be expected the usual suspects are screaming that our Democracy is somehow in danger, Far Left hate preacher Owen Jones has called a demo for tonight on College Green to ‘Defend Democracy’ which I find rather strange, given the fact that Jones along with his Remainer buddies have been actively working to undermine our Democracy for the past few years.

Finally we have a PM that actually wants to see Brexit delivered and it feels absolutely fantastic. No more bowing down to the EU, as we saw under May’s Administration. It certainly seems that we are on the right path once again. Bercow, Hammond, Corbyn, Jones and the rest of the remainer rabble do not speak for the majority of the country. They will go down in history as traitors and enemies of the people!


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