The Purge Continues As YouTube Delete The Iconoclast!

The social media censorship continues and I must say it really is getting out of hand. YouTube have now deleted the channel of The Iconoclast without any warning. He’s appealed the decision, however we all know how politically biased social media platforms have become. This is very concerning though, how they can just delete you at a touch, without any prior warning.

2019 will be known as the year that the social media giants declared war against Conservative opinions and thinkers. Facebook went on a bit of rampage taking down the pages of Tommy Robinson, Danny Tommo, Myself , Richard Inman, Avi Yemeni and of course they famously suspended the account of Politicalite, who report on the stories the mainstream media refuse too.

This is why it’s essential we make full use of alternative social media platforms such as 3speak, friends2friends, mewe, telegram. I’d recommend all content creators sign up to it as soon as possible, it really is a platform that believes in free speech, something YouTube quite clearly doesn’t seem to support.

It’s unfortunate about The Iconoclast, I really hope he gets his channel back because he produces brilliant, informative and enjoyable content that exposes the many flaws in the opposition. He is one of our most valuable assets and I hope to see him on 3speak in the near future.

Eventually we’ll all be prevented from using the Big social media companies, which is why as well as using alternative social media platforms it’s imperative we share each others content, to help spread the message of what we’re trying to achieve. We know that our fight is consistently made more difficult by the social media censorship, but we can defeat this and we will defeat this

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  1. Well done James for being one of the guys who gets out there, and keeps us informed…🙂

  2. Robin tilbrook has a case against fb perhaps some of you wants to join in

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