The Hypocrisy Of Disgraced Former PM John Major

The lengths and breadths Remainers will go too in their attempts to stop the United Kingdom from leaving the European Union is truly breathtaking, however it’s not at all surprising. Over the past three days The Supreme Court in London has heard three days of arguments over whether PM Boris Johnson acted lawfully in suspending Parliament. The judges have heard two appeals: one by campaigner Gina Miller’s team and one by the government, contesting a Scottish court ruling that the decision was unlawful. The government says prorogation is not a matter for the courts. An eagerly anticipated decision is due next week.

The faces of the campaign our Prime Minister have been Gina Miller and DISGRACED former Prime Minister John Major. Now, today at the Supreme Court Major’s Lawyer has argued that Boris Johnson has lied about his reasons for suspending Parliament for 5 weeks. This accusation has came on the final day of proceedings in London. The PM claimed upon suspending parliament that it was necessary to allow him to introduce a new legislative agenda once MP’s returned – but some, the majority of them being treacherous Remoaners, who’ve pledged their allegiance to a foreign power, have accused him of trying to stop MPs holding him to account over Brexit ahead of the 31 October departure date.

Disgraced former Tory Prime Minister John Major is what I would describe as the very definition of Hypocrisy. After all it was John Major who back in 1997 took the decision to prorogue Parliament in an attempt to bury a scandal within his own party over ‘Cash for Questions’.

Historian David Starkey savaged John Major in an interview with the Daily Express today saying

“The man, curiously, who is putting the case.

“The ridiculous John Major.

“He who wears his underpants outside his trousers.

“He used it in a contemptible way to stop the whole business of the report on the ‘cash for questions’ scandal.”

Sir John was indeed accused of proroguing Parliament in 1997.

It’s most certainly some what hypocritical to accuse our current PM of breaking the law and comparing him to dishonest estate agent over his valid reasons to suspend Parliament. Unlike Major, Boris doesn’t appear to be attempting to cover up a scandal from the electorate, like Major did back in 1997 and it certainly appeared to have cost him, as he lost the General Election to Blair’s ‘New Labour’ who won in a landslide.

Brexit has been going on now for 3 years and 3 months and it’s absolutely ludicrous. We have former politicians working hand in hand with the EU, on the pretense of screwing over the electorate. All Boris appears to be working for is for the UK to leave the European Union, something which May’s Administration never got round too. We’ve had 3 years of temper tantrums, back stabbings, virtue signalling. History will remember the Globalist Remainers as traitors to their country and people. Project Fear didn’t work, ex Prime Ministers coming out of the woodwork and telling us how to vote didn’t work. Spending £9 million on propaganda that was posted through our doors didn’t work. Every obstacle that has been thrown in the way has almost been overcome. Back in 2016 it wasn’t a choice of a ‘deal’ it was a choice of Leaving or Remaining. A bit of advice for John Major, don’t judge anyone, by you’re own standards.





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