The Conservatives Are Complicit!

Ladies and gentlemen, today’s topic is the Conservatives are complicit. Now the reason I’ve decided to write about the Tory party is because I believe it’s imperative that we as nationalists are there to guide people with genuine concerns about this country away from the Tories and into the Nationalist community.

Unfortunately Boris Johnson & his spin doctors have fooled people into believing that Boris and his administration actually care about the British people, when in fact the reality is they don’t give a damn!

The current Conservative government hold an 80 seat majority in Parliament. They claim to be the people’s government, yet since they were elected they have repeatedly betrayed the people of this nation.

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The reason I mention the 80 seat majority is because it is a huge, overwhelming majority, which means Boris Johnson can essentially do as he pleases. He could introduce policies that would create a hostile environment to 3rd world invaders, he could implement repatriation, he could stop immigration completely into this country. He could do all of those things, however he won’t, the simple reason being he’s a Globalist. He doesn’t care about the natives becoming a minority, in fact he encourages it. The masses must awaken to the threats posed by the Tories!

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The vast majority of sane people completely and utterly oppose the Black Lives Matter movement because we see it for what it is. A Marxist organisation intent on bringing down Western civilisation. They’re using fictitious claims of racial inequality to stoke a race war, in the hopes that they can destroy the system and replace it with a ‘Communist Utopia’

I’m sure the vast majority of people would then be concerned by the statement made by our Prime Minister on the 9th June 2020 in response to protests that had taken place. The following texts are exerts from the Prime Ministers statement. The full statement is available to read here

This country has made huge strides. I remember the 1970s, and the horror of the National Front. I truly believe that we are a much, much less racist society than we were, in many ways far happier and better.

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But we must also frankly acknowledge that there is so much more to do – in eradicating prejudice, and creating opportunity, and the government I lead is committed to that effort.

The prime minister went on: “And so I say yes, you are right, we are all right, to say Black Lives Matter; and to all those who have chosen to protest peacefully and who have insisted on social distancing – I say, yes of course I hear you, and I understand.

Yes, I am proud to lead the most ethnically diverse government in the history of this country, with two of the four great offices of state held by a man and a woman of Indian origin; and yes, I am proud of the work I began to lead more than ten years ago to recruit and promote more young black people, in the police and other walks of life.

So as you can see by those exerts it would definitely appear that the Prime Minister has a severe disliking of people that seek to conserve their history, country and people. The National Front was a response to mass immigration into the United Kingdom, if the political class hadn’t of instigated the replacement of our people, then the National Front wouldn’t of come about. Every action has a reaction.

Secondly he goes on to say that we must do more to eradicate prejudice and create opportunity and that the government he leads will do exactly that. It looks like Boris has stuck to his word because he now leads the most ethnically diverse cabinet in British history. The Chancellor and The Home Secretary are both of Indian origin and in my opinion should not be in charge of the nations security as well as finances. I mean after all you don’t see White people in the Indian government. I guess this is just another ‘benefit’ of multi-cultural Britain!

Normal people must awaken to the fact that as long as we keep electing the mainstream parties, absolutely nothing will change. Children will be continue to be raped, the native population will continue to be attacked, invaders will carry on flooding into this country on an industrial scale. Anybody that cares about the future of this nation must stand up against the tyranny of the political class. We must smash their anti-white agenda and ensure that the country we hand down to our children is one worth handing down.

The Conservative party do not care about the indigenous population they sold us out a long time ago. Over the past ten years our country has gotten progressively worse. There’s not a day goes by that we don’t hear of a murder, or savages arriving on our shores. Girls raped at the hands of foreign men who have no right to be here. All of these issues have continued to happen under a CONSERVATIVE government. They have facilitated this, it is because of their actions what we are flooded with savages, it is because of their actions that innocent people have been murdered on our streets. Ultimately it’s their actions along with Labour that will lead to us becoming a minority in our own land. Enough is enough, it’s time to ditch the mainstream parties, it’s time to support a party that will put the interests of the indigenous population first.

I would encourage anyone that has concerns about this country to join Patriotic Alternative. For me they are the only movement that are defending the rights of the native population and for that, we must all get behind them.

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To learn more about Patriotic Alternative click here

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  1. Nell Pursey | July 13, 2020 at 19:15 | Reply

    Well wriiten and true, but the problem is even bigger it is about UK FREEDOM & DECOMCRACY. And sorry but not another patriot movement. You need to emphasize British as a whole. And ALL smaller patriotic parties must put aside their petty differences and UNITE as p r solidarity movement. You are a BRAVE political activist and your intentions are good but we yoybwill not have much impact without major backers with political clout to go full on offensive against the Govt.

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