Supreme Court Decision On The Suspension Of Parliament Will be Announced On Tuesday

A ruling on the legality of PM Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament will be announced by the Supreme Court on Tuesday morning, A panel off 11 justices will announce their decision at 10am following a three-day hearing last week.. Ministers have said the prorogation is not a matter for the courts and I completely agree with them. Whilst the anti-democratic Remainer critics have said the PM wants to limit the scrutiny of his Brexit.

Parliament is currently due to return on 14 October 2019, with the UK scheduled to leave the EU on 31st October 2019, 7 months later than the original leaving date.

Tuesday promises to be a significant day for the PM in his fight to deliver Brexit – because a loss would allow Remainer MP’s more time to block us leaving on October 31st 2019. The prorogation case was taken to the Supreme Court after Scottish and English courts delivered contradictory decisions on the shutdown. An English High Court judge dismissed an earlier challenge by DISGRACED former Tory PM and Remain Cheerleader Sir John Major and Remainer lawyer Gina Miller.

At the close of the remain orchestrated proceedings, Lady Hale said:

“I must repeat that this case is not about when and on what terms the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

“The result of this case will not determine that.

“We are solely concerned with the lawfulness of the Prime Minister’s decision to advise Her Majesty to prorogue Parliament on the dates in question.”

The three-day hearing at the highest court in the country dealt with two appeals – one from  Remain cheerleader and Gina Miller, the second from the government.

Mrs Miller was appealing the English High Court’s decision to throw out her challenge to prorogation.

The government, on the other hand, was appealing the ruling from Scotland’s Court of Session that the prorogation was “unlawful” and had been used to “stymie” Parliament.

The challenge to the prorogation in the Scottish Court was brought by 75 parliamentarians, including SNP MP Joanna Cherry.

We all know the people that are challenging Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament are fanatical Remainers who can’t and won’t accept that the people of this country voted to leave, in the biggest democratic exercise in British history. The case brought against the Government has been financed by the Globalist backed Remain campaign fronted by the treacherous Gina Miller. They’ve even wheeled out John Major in their attempts to discredit our PM. I mean seriously John Major the PM that prorogued Parliament to avoid questions over ‘A Cash for Questions’ scandal. I mean really in the grand scheme of things this case is irrelevant, it’s the last gaps of Globalist campaign to sabotage the UK from leaving. Let’s just hope and pray that Boris sticks to his word and we leave the EU on the 31st October. The Brexit saga has gone on for far too long now. Our elected officials should be working together to ensure our departure from the EU is orderly. All eyes will be on the Supreme Court and London tomorrow.






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