Remainers Plot Coup Against Boris & Democracy Next Week!

Anti democratic Remainers are planning to table of Vote of No Confidence in Boris Johnson’s government. Senior SNP MP Stewart Hosie has told the mainstream media it may be their only way of blocking a ‘No Deal’ Brexit. Hypocritical SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon she may back Jeremy Corbyn becoming a ‘Caretaker’ Prime Minister.


Mr Hosie said there was growing concern that PM Boris Johnson may find a way of circumventing the  “Surrender Act” which requires him to seek an extension to the UK’s departure date if no deal has been agreed. The aim of a no-confidence vote would be to install an interim prime minister who would secure a short Brexit delay and then call a general election.

“We have to do that because there is now no confidence that the Prime Minister will obey the law and seek the extension that Parliament voted for only a few weeks ago,” he told the Today programme.

“If we are serious about the extension that is the only game in town.”

Mr Hosie said: “If another name came forward that was acceptable to everybody, a Ken Clarke or Dominic Grieve-type figure, then self-evidently that would be a good thing to do.

“But it is also self-evidently the case that the second largest party should have the first chance to form that administration.

“If Jo Swinson and the Lib Dems are actually serious about their stopping Brexit position then they need to stop playing political games and get on board with everybody else.”

A motion of no confidence in Parliament allows MPs to hold a vote on whether they want the government to continue.

If the government loses the vote, MPs have 14 days to express their support for an alternative government.

If an alternative government cannot command a majority in the House of Commons in that time, a general election could be held.

Mr Hosie stressed it was vital that opposition parties had a plan in place to secure a Brexit extension before triggering a no-confidence vote.

“If that is not in place and effectively pre-agreed, then we might end up having the general election on Boris Johnson’s terms and allowing him to run down the clock and crash out without a deal.”

Fanatical Remainers are literally planning to overthrow our government and ignore the electorate in their attempts to sabotage Brexit and prevent the United Kingdom from leaving. We truly are living in extraordinary times. We have the possibility of a Corbyn led government which nobody voted for. The political class really are treating the electorate with utter contempt. We really have heard it all over the past 3 years. I just don’t understand how these people (MP’s) can say they’re standing up for Democracy, whilst they plot with foreign nationals on how to STOP the United Kingdom from leaving. At times it’s as though we’re living in the twilight zone.

Since Parliament resumed on Wednesday all we’ve heard is how MP’s are worried about the ‘abuse’ they’re receiving and how the Prime Ministers rhetoric is somehow inciting violence. These people have no shame or morals. Now they have the audacity to say that words like ‘Surrender’ or ‘Betrayal’ shouldn’t be used because it’s inciting hatred against them. What complete utter rubbish. The reason more and more MP’s are being challenged is because they are actively working against the very people they claim to represent. If they don’t want words like ‘Traitor’, ‘Betrayal’ or ‘Surrender’ thrown at them, then maybe they shouldn’t act in a treacherous manner, they shouldn’t be working to betray the electorate and they certainly shouldn’t surrender to the EU. If they hadn’t of behaved in the manner that they have, then they wouldn’t have the words thrown at them.


I am sick and tired of MP’s acting as though somehow they have immunity and should be above the law. We have every right to call out these treacherous MP’s. We aren’t inciting violence, all we’re asking is the democratic will of the people is respected. MP’s are whining about inflammatory language, I mean seriously this is coming from the side that uses ‘Bollox 2 Brexit’ as a slogan. Can you see the hypocrisy from these utter traitors?


The so called ‘National Unity’ Government is nothing more than a group of fanatical remainers seeking to overthrow Democracy. The group is made up of members from Labour, SNP and the Illiberal Anti-Democrats. What we also know is the SNP are demanding another referendum on Scottish Independence. They talk about unity, yet they want to rip the United Kingdom apart. We must also remember that the majority of Scots want to stay apart of the UK. If for some reason, the fanatical remainers do seize power and decide against calling a General Election, the anger will build and eventually in 2022 these morally inept traitors will be swept aside in a General Election.







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  1. Richard Sykes | December 20, 2019 at 23:02 | Reply

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  2. Two things have so far prevented this happening. 1. The remoaner MPs have not wanted to incur the wrath of their electorate. 2. They don’t want Corbyn in power full stop. But now they appear to be giving less and less of a shit about both. They are becoming part of the “nothing to lose” brigade and this is extremely dangerous. It is exactly the same with the current “impeach at any cost” path the U.S Democrats are now taking.

  3. Think it time we played their “TRANSFERANCE” game, right back on them!!!…

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