Remainers Burn Our Flag & Call For Leavers To Be Gassed!

Two degenerate, scummy Remain activists decided to set fire to the flag of the United Kingdom at Far Left Momentum backed rally against PM Boris Johnson. They did this whilst standing in the heart of Westminster and have basically confirmed what we already knew about the treacherous, leftists scum bags! They have no respect for our country, flag, history, traditions, culture and most importantly us the people.

Yesterdays #StopTheCoup demonstration was endorsed by the multi-millionaire Marxist and leader of the of The Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn. His former fling Dianne Abbott was there along with the Shadow Chancellor Grubby, Commie John McDonnell. Hundreds of protesters had been herded outside of Downing Street in what can only be described by sane people as a protest AGAINST Democracy.

The scenes that we’ve witnessed in London over the past few days has been deeply disturbing. The Remainers have literally lost all sense of rationality and actually believe that Boris is behaving like a dictator, when all he’s doing is ensuring that the result of the referendum will be respected and he’s hoping to PREVENT the traitors in Parliament from screwing the British people.

Over this weekend we’ve seen Remain activists burn our flag. Then we saw Danny Tommo extract the true feelings of Remainers when he asked  “Gassed? Because they voted Leave?” The Remainer then says: “Auschwitz for Leavers”, before adding: “Yeah, yeah, just for Leavers.” Danny replies “Wow. Is that how you really feel?” The Remainer then nods in agreement. Absolutely brilliant from Danny, he’s got a knack of trolling the left, I’m sure you all remember the Owen Jones Incident.

Click to watch the video on Danny’s channel.

When will actually see real equality in regards to the law in this country. Leftist Activists can literally call for Brexiteers to be gassed, burn our flag, physically attack people and it’s not only tolerated but facilitated by numerous Police forces up and down this green and pleasant land. Milkshakes, Hot coffee, bricks, bottles, scissors, you name it and its been thrown at right wing activists this year, yet for some strange, unknown reason they seem to get away with it time and time again. Meanwhile you call an MP a Nazi and you’re arrested, charged and convicted!

We are in the midst of an attempted COUP by the Far left and it’s about time these people were dealt with accordingly. They have literally sided with the enemy, their intention is to bring our country down, they want to overthrow our ELECTED government and replace them with degenerate, Communists scum bags. They don’t care about Democracy because if they did, then they wouldn’t be actively working to sabotage the biggest democratic exercise in British history.

I popped along to The #StopTheCoup protests in Manchester and managed to encounter some truly vile, disgusting people who quite frankly are behaving like petulant children. All they can do is swear, shout and scream the usual Racist, Nazi and Fascist. You know the usual leftist drivel. They claim to be tolerant yet they freak out when they hear opinions that they don’t agree with. No wonder people are starting to compare them to Zombies. Hopefully the general population will wake up to the dangers that these traitors pose to our great nation.

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