Jihadi Sympathiser Sadiq Khan Calls For Brexit To Be Cancelled

Disgraced London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said that Brexit should be cancelled.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show, Khan said “We’re a Remain party.” He also claimed that once Article 50 is revoked, it could be reserved at a later date when negotiations with the EU are over and after the British people are forced to vote again in a referendum, on the proposed deal. With remaining in the EU an option on the ballot paper.

Re-affirming Labour’s stance Khan said “I am quite clear we are a Remain party. We should give the British public a final say. Now that we know the terms of exiting the EU, that should be one of the options on the ballot paper along with staying.

Jihadi sympathising Khan really should keep his big nose out of state affairs. After all he is the Mayor Of London and should focus on tackling one of the most violent crime waves in history.

Under Khan’s woeful watch. Knife crime, gun crime, sexual assault and robbery are all thriving. Our capital is becoming a hot bed of gang wars and drug crime. Something has to be done.

Sadiq Khan isn’t fit to manage McDonalds, let alone our beloved capital. He’s brought shame on our capital and I truly hope Londoners vote him out at the next possible opportunity.

I’m sick and tired of seeing the pint sized, Jihadi sympathiser make a laughing stock out of our capital. He’s insulted the President of the USA. He’s represented Jihadis and even visited them, which was enough for him to be put under observation from our intelligence services.

Khan and the rest of Remain rabble really must start to accept that we are leaving the EU on the 31st October 2019, no if’s, no but’s. We’re leaving and it’s going to be glorious.

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  1. Sadiq Khan’s nose is so big it could reach Diane Abbot’s g-spot from five miles away.

  2. Well said James
    As always

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