Palestinian Authority Bans LGBT Gatherings In The West Bank


Earlier on this month, Al Qaws which is a civil society organisation held an event in Nablus about sexual and gender diversity in Palestinian society. However the PA Police only found out about the event days after it had been held.

Al Qaws was set up in 2001 with the aims of ‘fighting for vibrant Palestinian cultural and social change, building LGBTQ communities and promoting new ideas about the role of gender and sexual diversity in political activism, civil society institutions, media and everyday life. The group has offices in East Jerusalem and Haifa.

Luay Zreikat, spokesperson for the PA Police had this to say, such activities are “harmful to the higher values and ideals of Palestinian society.” Zreikat said that the group’s activities were completely “unrelated to religions and Palestinian traditions and customs, especially in the city of Nablus.”

He accused unnamed “dubious parties” of working to “create discord and harm civic peace in Palestinian society.”

The PA police will chase those behind the LGBTQ group and see to it that they are brought to trial once they are arrested, Zreikat warned. He further appealed to Palestinians to report to the police about any person connected to the group.

And there we have it, the left’s narrative of Islam is a tolerant belief system that has shared values and is inclusive of all, is completely shattered. What concerns me even more is we have groups of homosexuals in this country that actively promote and support Palestine, I’m wondering will they make a visit over to Palestine in support of their brothers, we know full well they won’t because if they did, it’s highly likely they wouldn’t make it out of Palestine alive.

The left constantly bang on about how the right is homophobic and against LGBTQ and they do have half a point, any sane person is against LGBTQ, why should we be forced to accept an ideology that is opposed to Christian values. Maybe, just maybe ‘Queers for Palestine’ will realize that their efforts are futile and in fact they’ve been made to look stupid.

Instead of virtue signalling and showing support for a state and ideology that want’s to eradicate them, they should focus on issues in their own country, maybe even start questioning why 52% of British Muslims want homosexuality to be made illegal. However, we all know this won’t happen. It’s well worth noting that this bat shit crazy LGBTQ movement does not represent the majority of homosexuals in this country.


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