Owen Jones & The Loony Left Are The REAL DANGERS To Democracy!

Today has been some what of a historical one. We’ve seen our brave Brexiteer Prime Minister Boris Johnson successfully ask the Queen to suspend Parliament until October 14th. Thus ensuring that a ‘No Deal’ Brexit is left on the table. A brave and sensible move in my opinion. It’s finally happening, we have a leader that actually plans to implement what 17.4 million people voted for back in 2016.

Today we have witnessed the Remainers go into full MELTDOWN, with Far Left Hate Preacher Owen Jones leading the calls for mass protests in order to save our ‘Democracy’ These people are literally insane, they’re the ones calling for Democracy to be subverted, they have literally lost the plot and I really do sincerely hope that this is the start of their downfall.

Today I’ve seen the left try to conflate our Brexit issue with the protests currently taking place in Hong Kong. We’ve seen and heard Owen Jones basically incite a call to arms against this government. Demanding that protesters hit the streets in order to ‘Stop The Coup’ when in fact all Boris is doing, is ensuring that the British people get what they voted for.  Jones and his gang claim to be standing up for Democracy, however the reality is they’re trying to bring down the elected government and replace them with the un-elected remainers, in the hope that they’ll stop Brexit. I am seriously starting to wonder if Owen has gone full on National Socialist? I mean the people that are out protesting against Democracy today are carrying the EU flag, whilst demanding that Britain bow down and remain in the undemocratic superstate. It’s completely ludicrous and very disturbing at the same time. Every single person that is attempting to undermine our exit, should be treated as an enemy of the state and dealt with accordingly!

Owen and his friends are the real dangers to our Democracy, whilst they claim to be acting for the good of our country and Democracy, they are in fact acting in favour of the Globalist elite that are determined to keep us tied to the EU forever. In reality Owen and his friends are doing the bidding of the Globalists and eventually they will ruin their own movement. So right now, I think it’s time we all practiced our Smug faces, then we sit back, smile and watch The Left destroy itself. I’m sensing an tsunami of salty, liberal tears coming our way!

Bye Bye EU, Bye Bye EU, Bye Bye Corrupt EU

Brexit Hard, Brexit Now, Theresa May is a Treasonous Cow!

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  1. Three men arrested for ‘beating up’ Owen Jones and the media not immediatly proclaiming that they are racist, Nazi, white supremacists! Wonder what could go wrong when you don’t mention race? The attack nothing to do with pushing the gay agenda down the throats of Muslim schoolkids of course.

  2. It’s hilarious really. Lose a democratic vote. Spend 3 years subverting it with a continuous media onslaught telling the public that the sky will fall and hoardes of marauding Zombies will plague the earth, then whine like little bitches when a leader with some backbone finally ends the stalemate and delivers what was promised in the original vote. The far left is exposing itself for what it really is. Break out the popcorn, let’s watch the shitshow go down. #Boris2020

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