Old Bailey Terror Trial Jury Shown ‘Ninja Eggs’ Found at Suspected IS Supporter’s House!

On Tuesday of this week, JURORS in a trial of an alleged Islamic State supporter suspected of plotting an attack on the British army and police were shown photos of “ninja eggs”. Which are glass painted eggs filled with shards of glass and crushed chillies.

                                                         Tools Found At The Property


Hisham Muhammad, 25, of Victoria Avenue, Whitefield, is accused of hoarding a wide range of weapons at his home in preparation for a “lone wolf” Islamist inspired attack on police and army bases he had researched.

Jurors at the Old Bailey were shown pictures of two painted glass eggs filled with shards of glass and crushed chillies seized by police during a search on his house. In court last week jurors heard how the suspect developed designs and bought products in a bid to adapt drones.

Mohammads House

Prosecutor Anne Whyte QC said: “This type of chemical is found in plants of the capsicum family, which includes chilli peppers.

“You said you thought the orange or brown powder could be crushed pods from the chilli plant, mixed with shards of glass originally from a drinking glass.”

Ms Whyte previously told the court the prosecution believed the eggs could be used as a disorientating device in combination with other weapons found, including knives, machetes and bear claws.















Ninja Eggs

Muhammad denies engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism.

His cousin Faisal Abu Ahmad, 24, who lived at the same address, has pleaded not guilty to failing to alert authorities of the alleged attack plan.

The trial continues.

My Humble Opinion

Islamic terrorism is on the rise across the West, thanks to the actions of our Globalist backed Establishment who’ve essentially created a ‘Clash Of Civilizations’ within our nations borders. The problem becomes more difficult to solve when our elected officials insist on Islamic migration into this country. Our country is at a tipping point and we simply cannot allow anymore people into our society that don’t share the same core culture. Why on Earth are we bringing in Muslims, whilst turning our back on our Christian brothers.

Islamic migration into the West has caused nothing but bloodshed and chaos. We’ve seen thousands of women and children raped at the hands of these ‘Savage Invaders’ it’s high time we elected a government that actually put the safety and interests of the indigenous population first.

What we’ve heard from the above trial hasn’t shocked me, it’s infuriated me. We now see Islamist’s created a whole new range of gruesome, home made weapons. I mean if they threw one of those ‘glass eggs’ in your face it would blind you, they’re literally packed full of shards of glass and chilli powder which would cause tremendous irritation along with the shards of glass potentially taking away your vision.

It wasn’t just glass eggs that the Police found but Machetes, Bear Claws and Knifes. This individual was more than likely planning an attack on innocent people in this country and it’s absolutely disgusting that have people like this in our society. I am sick and tired of hearing the Islamic community play the victim, my message for that community would be, “Get in the 21st Century, stop wanting to hurt people because they won’t bow down to your ‘False Prophet’ and ancient, backwards traditions. This is a Christian country and it’s about the invaders showed some respect”.



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