Brexit & A General Election

11PM on Friday 29th March 2019 should of been the day we left the European Union. However this wasn’t to be the case. We have witnessed the biggest betrayal in British history. The 29th should of gone down in history as Brexit day, a day where the British people celebrated our independence from the undemocratic, federal superstate. Instead we remain in limbo, with the blame falling firmly at the feet of our elected officials. They have treated the electorate with contempt, we must hold them to account and punish them at the ballot box.

It actually pains me to say I had faith in the Tory government to deliver what they had promised. Not only did 17.4 million people vote to leave, but we also followed that up with a General Election that in reality was about Brexit. The Tories had a mandate and they’ve not only betrayed the leavers, in fact they’ve betrayed democracy itself. Theresa May fought the previous election on the promise that she would deliver Brexit, she managed to secure the highest share of the vote since Margaret Thatchers election victory in 1979, with just under 44% of the vote. This still wasn’t enough for her to win an outright majority, strong and stable didn’t work out to well for her. Even more shocking was the fact that IRA loving Jeremy Corbyn managed to secure a whopping 41% of the vote. I guess lying to students and promising them free things, really does work.

Anyway going to back Brexit, every single politician that sits in the Houses Of Parliament should be labelled for what they are, TRAITORS! However now isn’t the time to get angry, it’s time to get even. It’s high time we elected a party that will implement the will of the people, a party that will listen and attempt to tackle the genuine concerns that many citizens have in this country. At this present time, there’s 3 parties that I believe would do this, they are The Brexit Party, UKIP and For Britian. The mainstream parties have had their opportunities and they’ve completely ignored the people for far too long.

If a General Election is on the cards, then we must make sure that we get behind the Pro Brexit Parties. I for one will never vote Tory again. I’m hoping the masses come out in force and punish the political class at the ballot box. We the British people have already caused one political earthquake, imagine the scenes if we cause a second!

What we need right now is unity, we must come together for the good of the country. Imagine what we could achieve if we were one voice, battling against the corrupt system. It’s certainly going to be an interesting few weeks.

Written By James Goddard 31/03/2019

Melanie Shaw Hearing, 2nd April 2019 Leeds Crown Court

Yesterday at Leeds Crown Court was Melanie Shaw’s sentencing hearing. Melanie first blew the whistle on historic child sexual abuse that took place at Beechwood children’s care home in Nottingham, this enabled a further 370 victims to come forward, an independent investigation into child sexual abuse is still taking place, with the findings due in the summer.

Melanie’s evidence prompted the Police operation ‘Daybreak’ and she alleges politicians including former Conservative cabinet minister’s were involved in a child abuse brother where she & many others where rape, tortured and some even murdered. She had previously that one member of staff threatened to kill her like the ‘others’ if she spoke out about the abuse. She said he told her that he had already murdered & buried 2 children in the grounds of Beechwood.

Judge Penelope Belcher detained Melanie under section 37 of the Mental Health Act & also Section 41 which is a restriction order meaning that she will be held in Rampton Secure Hospital, with no fixed time limit on her release. The Judge said this was necessary for public protection. She could appeal to hospital managers or the mental health review tribunal. However the Secretary of State for Justice is the only person that can decide when she can be discharged. Meaning that her fate lies in the hands of the Establishment.

To learn more about Melanie’s story I’ve linked in one of the Facebook groups below

Written By James Goddard 03/04/2019