Met Police Drop Criminal Probe Into Leave.EU Due To Insufficient Evidence

Brexit campaign group Leave.EU will face no further criminal investigation over its spending during the Brexit referendum after the Metropolitan Police dropped its investigation due to insufficient evidence.

Arron Banks, Chairman of Leave.EU, said in a lengthy statement: “We have been informed by the Metropolitan Police that they will be taking no action as a result of the investigation referred by the Electoral commission into the Leave.EU campaign and Ms Liz Bilney.  

“They have concluded that the Leave.EU campaign did not break the law during the 2016 referendum.

“The disgraceful political collusion between the Electoral Commission & the Damian Collins  “remain biased”  DCMS committee and a number of leading Remain MPs, demonstrate a serious abuse of public office and we will be demanding a full public inquiry investigation into their actions.  “We will be writing to the Prime Minister today demanding a public enquiry into the actions of the Electoral commission. “I am today calling for the resignation of Damian Collins and the CEO of Electoral commission as a result of today’s news. “The Electoral Commission have serious questions to answer about political bias and whether it is fit for purpose as a regulator.  “The management board is overseen by third-rate politicos and people who have shown clear political bias. The Chairman himself described Brexit as a ‘collection of Eurosceptic nonsense’ and one of the EC board called for a second referendum! “The investigation has taken a huge personal toll on Liz Bilney, her family and the harassment and lies perpetrated by anti-Brexit MPs is disgraceful. “MP’s like Stephen Kinnock & Ian Lavery should apologise to Liz and the 1.5 million supporters of Leave.EU they tried to smear.  “During the last 2 years, the Metropolitan Police have been professional and thorough. “They spent many hours investigating our case and they should be commended for doing a difficult job in a difficult political climate. 

“They remained impartial and operated with complete integrity. 

“We would like to thank the Metropolitan Police Commissioner for giving her officers her full support at all times.”

Scotland Yard said that – even though there had been “technical breaches” of electoral law by Leave.EU – it had taken the decision to drop its investigation after consulting the Crown Prosecution Service in early August.

Commander Alex Murray said: “Following detailed enquiries it became apparent that the nature of potential breaches of the regulations, the criminal standard of proof required in court and the actions taken by Leave.EU to adhere to the regulations, mean that it is now appropriate to take no further action.”

I do wonder if Damian Collins and The Electoral Commission put as much effort into investigating the Remain groups as they have with Leave.EU. The pro Brexit campaign group aren’t the only ones to be fined with The Liberal Democrats being fined £18,000 by the Electoral Commission, near the legal maximum fine of £20,000, mainly for “failing to provide acceptable invoices or receipts for 80 payments”. that was back in 2017. The Stronger In campaign group were also fined and paid £1250.

Campaign group Best for Our Future which appears to have been set up by Labour activist Cormac Hollingsworth and left-wing political blogger Laurence Durnan was slapped with a £2,000 penalty for failing to submit documents about donations from Unison and the GMB. Both unions meanwhile were fined £500 each for inaccuracies in the way they reported the donations they gave to the campaign group. It received some £10,000 from Unison during the 2016 referendum campaign, whilst GMB handed it £20,000. It has also taken an astonishing £369,000 from Lord David Sainsbury – who gave thousands to the official Stronger In campaign.

Surely, its about time that the Remain campaign groups were held to greater scrutiny. Today is another victory for the Brexiteers and will further enrage the intolerant Remain camp. However The Met Police today revealed there are still ongoing investigations (Witch Hunt) into the spending of VoteLeave which involved PM Boris Johnson, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Micheal Gove and Dominic Cummings.

In my humble opinion this is a witch hunt against Brexiteers because the Remain establishment didn’t get what they wanted. Despite having the backing and funding of the Globalists. There policies were soundly rejected. Globalism is being rejected across the West and for good reason too. The Brexit issue really has brought peoples true colours out. For instance we know now more than ever who we can and can’t trust in regards to our elected officials. Brexit has shown that the real dangers to Democracy are people from the Remain camp who would be quite happy to overthrow our elected government and subjugate our country to EU rule. I truly believe if there was another election called then the Brexit supporting parties would do extremely well compared to the treacherous remainer parties. Quite frankly it’s time Brexit was sorted for once and all, so we can get back to focusing on the many issues facing our country and people.


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