Little Luxembourg Attempts to Humiliate Boris Johnson & The UK!

Xavier Bettel the Prime Minister Of Luxembourg, attempted to humiliate our PM Boris Johnson. However Bettel’s plan would have appeared to backfire as he’s received widespread condemnation from Leavers, Remainers and also from ambassadors of our allies.

Luxembourg PM Xavier Bettel

Most notably Woody Johnson the American Ambassador to the UK had this to say

”I thought the people in Luxembourg accomplished something that maybe even Boris couldn’t accomplish

-show this is not where (The British) want to be, over there, when they treat us like that- your Prime Minister.”

According to reports from the Daily Telegraph, US Ambassador Woody Johnson hit back at Bettel by saying.

“The people who built the greatest empire, the people who held off the Nazis, who contributed so much to the progress of mankind, you can go down a long list- they don’t need a lecture from anybody on how to run their country.”

US Ambassador Woody Johnson

Luxembourg PM Xavier Bettel on Monday pushed ahead with a press conference, as he stood next to an empty podium which had been reserved for British PM Boris Johnson. Officials from 10 Downing Street have said Luxembourg had refused requests to hold the press conference inside, to avoid the event being drowned out by paid EU protestors.

Bettel then proceeded to tear into the UK’s handling of Brexit and claimed EU leaders will not accept responsibility for the mess we are in at this present moment in time.

Basically it was a typical Remainer rant that we’ve grown to become used too. However it’s really not the behaviour you’d expect from an elected leader.

I find it absolutely disgusting that the U.K. and its PM are being treated in this manner by a country that our ancestors saved during WW2.

It’s infuriating that we are being treated the way we are. After all of it wasn’t for the allied forces Britain, America, Canada, Australia and NZ then Europe would still be under Nazi rule.

Luckily enough for the U.K. we have allies in high places and the actions of Luxembourg have shown us that we were absolutely correct to make the decision to leave the EU.

This latest attempt to somehow embarrass the U.K. and attempt to sow dignity amongst our already divided country is somewhat disgraceful, however it’s to be expected.

For 3 years the Remainers and the EU have been working hand in hand to sabotage the biggest democratic exercise in British history. The EU is behaving like this because they don’t want the U.K. to become a thriving, independent nation.

If our elected officials had spent the past 3 years preparing for Brexit instead of sabotaging it and acting like children then perhaps our departure would of been more orderly. Quite frankly we’ve wasted enough time on Brexit and it’s high time we got back to fixing our broken country.

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