Lib Dems Promise To Cancel Brexit If They Win General Election

The Liberal Democrat Party have promised to cancel Brexit if they win power at the next General election. In a move which can only be seen as full subjugation to the European Union, whilst sticking up two fingers to the electorate and proves once and for all and beyond doubt that these people pose the real danger to our Democracy.

Members of the party voted for this new policy at the party conference in Bournemouth with an overwhelming majority, which is to be expected when it’s made up of anti-democratic, traitors who wish to subvert Democracy.

The Lib Dems’ motion said that if the party became the government at the next general election, it would revoke Article 50 – the law that ensures the UK leaves the EU.

Lib Dem Party Leader Ms Swinson told Sky News that she did not rule out ditching the Lib Dems’ promise to revoke Article 50 if the party entered a coalition government – but stressed the party would still campaign to stop Brexit through a second referendum if they did not win a majority at the next election.

Thankfully for us it’s highly unlikely that the Lib Dems will win a majority in a General Election, they’d need another 300 seats on top of their current total to win and that quite frankly will not happen. However it’s deeply disturbing that we have main stream political parties that have pledged their loyalty to a foreign power, it is truly shocking but it is to be expected.

The treacherous, undemocratic Lib Dems seem to have gotten the seal of approval from Europe, with Guy Verhofstadt attending and speaking at the conference. The arrogance shown by the Remainers towards Brexiteers and Democracy is truly disgusting. The fact that Guy stood there with a ‘Bollox To Brexit’ t-shirt speaks volumes about that man’s integrity. Globalist Verhofstadt wants a world where there’s no nation states, he doesn’t believe in Democracy. Then again neither do the Remainers so it’s sort of a match made in heaven really.

I really do hope we leave the EU on the 31st October with ‘No Deal’ after all it is what we voted for. Before the referendum in 2016, then Prime Minister David Cameron went over to European members and attempted to re-negotiate the current terms and it was profoundly rejected by the European Union which is why we then had the Brexit referendum. At a speech made at Chatham House David Cameron said it was the choice of the British public and not the Politicians. We knew a vote to Leave was a vote to leave the single market, customs union and for no more control from the ECJ.

The behaviour coming from the Remain camp is ammunition for us to use for years to come. They have shown them selves to be undemocratic, violent and treacherous. They will never recover from this and history will remember these people as traitors to their people and country. Whilst Brexiteers will be remembered as the people that stood up for their people, country and Democracy. They can throw whatever names they want at us but we don’t care because we’re on the right side of history. We’re the ones that can hold our heads up proud. Which is a lot more than can be said for that group of traitors. I mean there’s a real simple solution to solve their problem of wanting to stay in the EU. They could all move to the EU and then allow us to work to make this country great again.

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