Leicester Schools Urged To Let Pupils Skip School To Attend Far-Leftist Climate Change Protests

Schools in Leicester have been urged to let their pupils skip school and attend far-leftist climate change protests. Climate protests will be staged globally and nationally and in Leicester they will be held at the Clock Tower in the city centre tomorrow Friday 20th September 2019.

Amnesty International’s Secretary General, Kumi Naidoo sent a letter to hundreds of East Midlands schools to remind educators that by striking, pupils would be exercising their human rights to freedom of expression. I hold a belief that the so called ‘Climate Protests’ are in fact a recruiting tool for the degenerate far left. Recently when Extinction Rebellion where in Manchester, I headed down and attempted to interview a few of them, firstly too see if we shared any common ground and secondly to highlight the hypocrisy of these protesters.

You only have to attend one of these climate protests to see who’s really behind it. The Socialist Workers Party, SUTR and many more deranged victim hood ingrained groups. The disturbing issue is I believe the majority of these protesters, truly believe that overthrowing ‘Capitalism’ and replacing it with ‘Socialism’ will some how save the planet and we’ll end up living in a Utopia where there’s enough social justice for all. I mean one example of the sheer hypocrisy and lunacy of these deranged protesters is back May in Manchester, I popped along to see one of these protests in action. I kid you not, there was a young lad reading a speech from his Iphone, which by the way is a product of ‘Capitalism’ whilst calling for ‘Capitalism’ to be destroyed. I mean the Irony in that, well it’s there as plain as day.

NGO’s like Amnesty shouldn’t be encouraging British children to skip school to protest. I mean when you think about it, It’s outrageous. I mean throughout the years we’ve heard of families being issued with fines for taking their children out of school for holidays and so forth, and here we have an NGO actively encouraging children to miss their education. I bet they won’t be getting fined will they?

Considering the donors and backers behind the climate change protesters, I have a few simple questions I would like answering and they are the following.

Why aren’t climate change protesters demanding our government puts more pressure on the world’s biggest polluters such as China, Indonesia and India?

Why do you believe overthrowing ‘Capitalism’ and replacing it with ‘Socialism’ will save the planet. Given the fact that Socialism/Communism has been responsible for 100 million plus deaths?

If I join the climate change protests, Is it compulsory that I’m a Remainer?

Why are Climate change activists using a mentally ill child to front their campaign?

Our schools our being used as indoctrination camps for a degenerate Far Left Ideology and this is an issue that will need addressing. We shouldn’t allow the Far Left to politicize and use our children for their twisted agendas. My gosh, let children be children. Is it any wonder Labour want to lower the voting age to 16. I believe eventually Good will overcome Evil, In time enough of the electorate will know all about their twisted agenda and devious games. The revolution is coming, and mark my words it won’t be a red one!


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