Labour MP Jared O’Mara Arrested On Suspicion Of Fraud

Labour MP Jared O’Mara has been arrested on suspicion of fraud. The Sheffield Hallam MP was arrested at the same as office manager Gareth Arnold, who was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit fraud.

The Mirror reports that Police officers raided the MP’s constituency office, taking away computers and documents for investigation on Friday of last week. Both O’Mara and Arnold were released on Saturday evening pending further investigation. Further reports are that Mr Arnold reported O’Mara to the Police in July, expressing his concerns about O’Mara’s parliamentary expenses.


O’Mara who’s backed by the Far-Left organisation Momentum famously unseated Globalist poster boy and former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg in the 2017 General Election. However he was suspended by the Labour Party within weeks of his election when his previous tweets surfaced in which he made jokes about a musician being ‘sodomised to death’ This wasn’t enough for the party to throw him out, as they readmitted O’Mara to the party when his suspension expired in July 2018, only for him to resign from the party citing the suspension process a couple of weeks later.

Earlier on in the year O’Mara shut his constituency office when all of his staff were either sacked or resigned. Due to this he was unable to hold constituency surgeries or respond to phone calls or correspondence for around 4 weeks. Furious constituents called for him to ‘do the decent thing’ and resign, stating that he wasn’t representing them properly, hard to disagree with them really isn’t it?

This is the latest in a long line of embarrassments for The Labour Party, Disgraced former MP Fiona Onasanya was jailed back in January for lying about a speeding offence.

Onasanya became the first MP to be removed by the recall petition, signed by more than a quarter of eligible constituents. She also became the first MP to be jailed since 1991. Now add on the influence of senior figures within the Labour Party such as Comrades Corbyn, Abbott and McDonnell and it’s not hard to see how out of touch with reality these lunatic, Marxist fruitloops are. Jeremy Corbyn a man that refuses to sit down with The President of The United States but will happily support the IRA, Hezbollah and Hamas, Shadow Chancellor McDonnell dreaming of a MAO like Chinese communist system where political opponents can’t walk the streets without being lynched, then we have the delightful and delusional Dianne Abbott, this is a woman that could possibly be Home Secretary, a woman’s who’s entire political career has been based on the race card, she also told Labour MP’s to oppose legislation that would proscribe Hezbollah as a terror organisation, and remember this is a woman that supported the IRA.

In my opinion the Labour party are completely opposed to British values and they pose a threat to our national security, they must be stopped. We can never allow them the keys to our country, we’d be worse than Venezuela. However the arrest of O’Mara should be CELEBRATED as it’s a victory for the right, A Labour MP arrested for fraud, more ammo to use against the politically correct left, who don’t have the moral high ground. They are hateful, intolerant and they can’t bear to hear different ideas, eventually the masses will awake to their lunacy.

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  1. Rosey Barnes | August 24, 2019 at 06:14 | Reply

    These criminals know that they are deliberatly and maliciously replacing the indigenous people of Britain who they hate with a passion and thought they could ge away with it hiding behind the skirts of the EU. Suddenly the people have pulled the legs from under them by voting for Brexit to stop immigration. As well as that they are criminals. They are increasingly terrified of the people and want to cling desperatly to EU for support as we wake up to thir game and want them held to account. Fight on James!

  2. Good! they are all corrupt! Looking forward to the live stream of the bbc protests tmoz 🙂

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