Labour Demand ‘Recall Of Parliament’ Following The Release Of Yellow Hammer Document

The treacherous Labour party have today demanded that Parliament be recalled following the release of The Operation Yellow Hammer document which is an assessment of the possible impact of a ‘No Deal Brexit. MP’s had forced the government to release the document before Parliament was suspended. The shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said the Yellowhammer document confirms there are “severe risks” if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. He added ‘recalling Parliament would allow MPs “the opportunity to scrutinise these documents and take all steps necessary to stop no-deal”. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore, I find it to be absolutely outrageous that this countries elected officials are working overtime in their attempts to sabotage Brexit. Then again nothing really surprises me anymore. Parliament is not fit for purpose and it certainly does not represent the majority of people in this country.

Sir Keir Starmer, Shadow Brexit Secretary

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told BBC Radio 4’s today programme the planning document only showed what might happen “if the government didn’t do anything about it”. But he added “lots of measures” were being taken to reduce risks, and the chancellor had “opened his cheque book” for greater no-deal spending. We do have to remember that the document is outlining the worst case scenarios and quite frankly our elected officials both in government and the opposition should have spent the past 3 years planning our orderly departure rather than squabble like petulant children. Instead of working against the people and the vote, they should of been working for the people to ensure the worst case scenarios don’t turn into reality.

Ben Wallace, Defence Secretary 

The Government has published its Operation Yellowhammer document ‘reasonable worst case planning assumptions’ in the event of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit. Redacted versions of the document released on Wednesday outline how the UK might be affected by a sudden departure from the EU and when they were leaked earlier this year faced accusations of ‘scaremongering’. However the document shows there won’t be food shortages in the event of a no deal exit from the EU contrary to earlier fears, but instead a reduction in the ‘availability and choice of products’. The documents were released after former attorney general and Remain cheer leader Dominic Grieve demanded all written and electronic contact about the temporary suspension of Parliament and Operation Yellowhammer documents since July 23 be released. His demand was approved by MPs by 311 votes to 302 on Monday. His motion asked for all correspondence and communications, formal or informal, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Facebook Messenger, private email accounts, text messages, iMessage and official and personal mobile phones connected to the present Government since July 23 relating to prorogation. It listed key individuals of Mr Johnson’s Government, including senior adviser Dominic Cummings and director of legislative affairs Nikki da Costa.

Dominic Grieve

The hysterical Remainers have literally lost all sense of rationality. Along with the MSM I believe they’re all overreacting in regards to the ‘Yellow Hammer’ file. It’s outlining the worst case scenarios, instead of point scoring, virtue signalling and working to sabotage Brexit, our elected officials should be working together to prevent any of the scenarios listed in the file from taking place. Instead they choose to spend their time moaning about how their rights and voices are being taken away from them, you literally couldn’t write this.

Matters certainly aren’t helped when the leader of the opposition claims the PM is preparing to punish poorer families with a ‘No Deal’ brexit. In my humble opinion I believe the sole purpose of the ‘Yellow Hammer’ file is to scare the public. We have to remember that these are ‘worst case scenarios’ and if our Politicians pull their fingers out, then I’m pretty sure what’s outlined in the document won’t happen.

Regardless of what the document says, The Labour party along with the rest of the undemocratic, treacherous MP’s will use this as an excuse for Parliament to be recalled. They’re indicating that they want MP’s recalled so that they can scrutinize the document, when we all know they have sinister, ulterior motives and that is of course to delay Brexit and prevent ‘No Deal’ from taking place. It’s rather ironic that Labour are demanding that Parliament be recalled so MP’s voices can be heard, yet they’re refusing to listen to 17.4 million voices that voted overwhelmingly to LEAVE the EU back in June 2016.

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