Jeremy Corbyn BACKS Far Left Plot To Occupy Parliament!

Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn has backed plans by the Far Left to occupy Parliament (Palace of Westminster) and shut down streets and bridges because of PM Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament.

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The IRA loving Labour leader has urged his parties MP’s to join in with protesters in 10 major cities across the UK. As leader of the opposition he should be looking to cool tensions between the two sides instead of being one of the key instigators of whipping up hysteria against the elected government, who are simply looking to implement what 17.4 million people voted for back in June 2016. He was even quoted as saying ‘“This is a government of the elite,” which is very hypocritical seeing as Mr Corbyn is a millionaire. Some voice of the working class, hey!

The demonstrations against Democracy have been organised by the hateful, extreme far left group Momentum. Their national Co-ordinator warned “Thousands of people will join the occupation of Parliament and the blockades of roads before we let Boris Johnson close the doors on Democracy. Real power doesn’t sit with the Queen or in Parliament. It’s with us, the people,” she declared. Can you see the irony in the statement. The only reason they’re calling for ‘mass protests’ is because they’re trying to stop the elected government delivering what the people voted for.

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Momentum most famously propelled Jeremy Corbyn to lead the Labour Party and it appears to me that their current aim is to overthrow the democratically elected government, Stop Brexit, Abolish the Monarchy and subjugate the UK to a lifetime of EU rule. Yet they have the audacity to use the hashtag #StopTheCoup whilst attempt a coup of their own. These people are a clear and present danger to the people of the United Kingdom and should be dealt with accordingly. I really hope I’m wrong but are we starting to see a Far-Left uprising.

I really do fear for the future of our country if that grubby, Marxist, terrorist loving filthbag Corbyn ever got into Number 10, our country would end up the same way as every other socialist/communist paradise.

We must take to the streets and counter their lies and swing the narrative back in our favour, it’s not going to be easy but we MUST oppose the Far Left every time they plan on bringing disruption and misery to the people of this great nation.

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