Illegal Immigrant Receives Prison Sentence After Raping 20 Year Old Woman

Illegal Immigrant Gurpal Singh Gill who raped a 20 year old Leicester woman was sent to Prison on Friday 20th September 2019. Judge Robert Brown gave the illegal immigrant a total sentence of 17 years and three months. The custodial element was 11 years and three months – of which he was told he will have to serve two thirds – with an additional six year licence period.

Watermead Park, Leicester

The dangerous rapist had subjected the lone dog walker to a horrific attack. The 33-year-old rapey Illegal immigrant, of no fixed address, admitted raping the Leicester victim three times and three counts of sexually assaulting her.

Leicester Crown Court was told that the rapist, an illegal immigrant was wanted in Germany on a European Arrest Warrant in connection with two alleged sex attacks on young females in 2014.

Alex Young prosecuting for the CPS said about the alleged attacks in Germany

“He was wanted in Germany for two alleged sexual incidents – one with an 11-year-old girl he had taken to some woods – but was interrupted by a passer-by.

The other allegation was that in the early hours of the following day he grabbed another girl off the street and pulled her into a shop doorway”.

The brutal attack happened in the area to the east side of the River Soar, between the A563 Watermead Way and Bath Street, at just after 6.30pm on Thursday May 23 2019

At around 15:10pm on the same day, Police Constables attended an address in Moira Street, Belgrave where a male was acting aggressively. As a Constable, spoke with the resident downstairs the defendant leapt out of an upstairs window to escape. The rapist, Illegal immigrant later said he did that because of his status as an illegal immigrant. If only the Police had been able to apprehend before he went on to commit that heinous act against an innocent woman.

Police Statement Outside Leicester Crown Court

Andrew Young Prosecuting for the CPS told Leicester Crown Court

“She had no idea of the ordeal awaiting her at the hands of the defendant, a total stranger.

“The defendant accosted her and tried to speak to her and she initially thought he was asking for directions.

“He asked her for a hug and grabbed her breasts and bottom.

“She told him no and told him to leave her alone.

“He pulled her back into a bushy wooded area and restrained her by putting his hand over her mouth.”

Gill told her: “Shhh, I will kill you.”

“She was resisting him as best she could and had the presence of mind to surreptitiously dial 999 on her phone as the incident unfolded, for 14 minutes.

“Repeatedly she was threatened, she was screaming and was in great distress.

“The police weren’t able to track exactly where her phone was but traced where it was subscribed to.”

The first rape stopped when a cyclist went past the bushes, but not near enough to see what was going on or to offer assistance, said Mr Young.

The victim spoke to the defendant and said people were nearby and she needed to go home.

They walked out of the bushes, but he continued to hold on to her.

He appeared to be drunk.

‘I thought he might kill me’

Gill said sorry, but added: “One more time.”

He took her into a secluded wooded area to continue raping her.

Mr Young said: “She was afraid but continued saying ‘no, no’ and resisting.

“She was equally mindful of the threat to kill her.”

She later told the police: “I didn’t want him hitting me again.

“I thought he might kill me.

“My plan was to go to the police, but then I told myself ‘I’m not even going to get there.’ “

She tried to reason with him and the attack ceased.

When he asked her name she gave him a false one.

Exchange of phone numbers

She agreed to exchange phone numbers, using a missed call – so there would be a record of his phone on hers.

At 7.09pm they went their separate ways.

The victim’s dog had been let go during the attack, but remained close by.

The victim told the police: “He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he just didn’t care.”

Judge Robert Brown said

“This young lady showed considerable presence of mind because she retained composure in what was a horrendous ordeal and employed survival strategies.”

He said he hoped that in time she would feel strong enough to follow her choice of career.

The judge told Gill: “This was a prolonged and serious sexual assault in two separate locations.

“You raped her in the bushes and threatened to kill her. She submitted out of fear and the need to survive.”

He said the defendant was dangerous and posed a risk of serious harm to others in the future.

Sunit Sandhu representing the rapist had the audacity to say that the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT should be given credit for his ‘Guilty’ pleas, for giving himself up to the Police and sparing the victim the ordeal of giving evidence in court. The rapist, who had to have an interpreter was told he was likely to be deported at the end of his custodial sentence. The solicitor fails to mention that the scum bag rapist has absconded from the Police and instead said his client should be given credit for handing himself in. 

Illegal Immigrant Rapist Gurpal Singh Gill

My Opinion

I find it absolutely disgusting that we have people like this in our society. People that are willing to rape another individual and inflict life emotional and physical scars onto them, these people need removing from our society and they should receive the strictest possible sentences. They deserve to be locked away for life. What angers me even more is this creature was an illegal immigrant. He had no business being in this country. He was already ‘WANTED’ in Germany in connection to two alleged sex attacks. I can’t imagine what the victim or her family have been through. This case should serve as a reminder as to why illegal immigration into the UK must be dealt with, how can we expect to live in a safe, prosperous country when we have people within this country calling for scum bags like the rapist to be given amnesty. All illegal immigrants into this country must be deported ASAP, we must ensure the safety of our citizens. The worrying issue for me is how many more of these rapists are in this country illegally, I guess we’ll only find out once they’ve committed a crime.



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  1. Scum should be handed to the family…let them give him justice.. long slow, and very painful…🙂

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