If You’re Leftwing You can attack people with Hot Coffee and a Headbutt!

On Sunday 18th August 2019 I was reporting on the Peterloo march that had been hijacked by Pro Communist, Pro Palestinian demonstrators along with RMT, Momentum and The Jewish Voice of Labour. They proceeded to hijack an event about the massacre of British citizens to push their own twisted, hateful, far leftist ideology.

Whilst reporting on the march, I was made to feel uncomfortable, I was called names and they made me feel as though I wasn’t welcome even though the march apparently wasn’t politically biased. The march was supposed to be about remembering the horrors of Peterloo, instead the protesters hijacked it to push the cause of a terrorist state and that state is Palestine.

So once the Leftists had finished chanting racist, fascist and the usual left wing buzzwords they gathered in Albert Square, So we decided to go into the protest and attempt to interview some of the people there. As most of you saw from the footage, Nahalla from SUTR started to rally the troops up, who then surrounded us, There was an extremely overweight man that clearly disliked me and he tried to intimidate me, luckily for me I had security and they prevented this from happening.

Unknown Left Wing Attacker

The stewards for the demonstration who were covered in Unison and Labour logos then started to act aggressively towards us, they ended up trapping us against the ‘diversity barriers’ you know those same barriers that have been put there because of violent Mohammadans. I told the steward to get out of my personal space and then bang I felt a hot liquid hit me in the side of the face, the liquid also went in my ears which partially blocked my hearing, after I composed myself I then went over to photograph the scum bag, he then headbutted me, which caused my nose to break.

I visited the hospital the next day and the Doctor told me that I had a broken nose and superficial burns to my shoulder, I have to go back in one weeks time for it be reset. Now the individual that attacked me has been let off with a caution. Yes, a caution, the CPS felt that’s all the individual deserved was a caution If I had done what he had, it would of been all over the MSM and I would of been in custody. So basically the Police have declared open season on James Goddard and any other right wing activists. I am looking into ways of taking this further and believe me I will not let this drop. Far left violent attack will not be tolerated!

Superficial Burns From The Hot Coffee

9 Comments on "If You’re Leftwing You can attack people with Hot Coffee and a Headbutt!"

  1. Irene Chadwick | August 23, 2019 at 07:48 | Reply

    This event was a magnificent tribute to the people who were injured or died for democracy 200 years ago, and those who are still dying today. You failed miserably to disrupt it, there were too few of you. You were a laughing stock. No one threw coffee or anything else. There was absolutely no violence against you. You were shouted down, and your pay masters have not got their money’s worth, that is really what this stupid article is about, isn’t it?

    • James Goddard | August 23, 2019 at 09:07 | Reply

      Are you retarded. The attacker was arrested you absolute melt. He threw hot coffee in my face then headbutted me. Pull your head out of your arse!

  2. LOL, IF you had scorching coffee thrown it you with clothing on, you wouldnt find individual spots like this, as the liquid would dissapated through the clothing into one mass. This is utter rubbish and in your own words, “fake news.”. You obviously failled science at school. Also your jackanory, “I visited the hospital the next day and the Doctor told me that I had a broken nose and superficial burns to my shoulder,”, I’ve had severe hot waters burns, you dont leave it a day………..utter lies.

    • James Goddard | August 22, 2019 at 09:59 | Reply

      It’s not lies though at all. When I go back for the appointment I’ll happily post it to you

  3. Albert Jolly | August 21, 2019 at 16:18 | Reply

    If you were so concerned about the Peterloo victims, you could have joined a peaceful tribute, but you stood at the sidelines shouting Tommy Robinson chants, and calling people names.
    It had no relevance to the march, it was antagonist as you well know.
    You even started on people about Brexit, not comprehending that some “Antifa” also voted leave, but you continued your tirade to some of our retired Trade Union members. Complete disrespect to people who have worked and paid taxes all their working life, and who fought for workers rights. Real Working Class men. Men who worked manual labour to provide for their children. Women who worked 2 jobs, to be met by your disgusting vitriol, because you deem them to be Communists, without one ounce of understanding of what communism is.
    Your activism for the Right isn’t doing you any favours. You are achieving nothing.

  4. Albert Jolly | August 21, 2019 at 15:51 | Reply

    It wasn’t hijacked. The event was organised by various Trade Unions, and the Palestine support is welcome. YOU have decided it was hijacked, not the organisers or the participants. Only you, who had no involvement in the march.
    Who are you to decide who has hijacked our event?

    • Palestinian support is welcome?! Albert Jolly has been brainwashed by the media into believing that Hamas should be allowed to murder innocent Jews. Israel has every right to defend itself when Palestine are firing rockets over the border.

  5. Albert Jolly | August 21, 2019 at 15:38 | Reply

    That’s not strictly true is it?
    You spent nearly 2 hours shouting scumbag and terrorists to anyone who was at the march.

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