I Was Arrested To Prevent A Breach Of The Peace At The Labour Rally!

Last night at The Lowry in Salford Quays I was arrested after blocking the car of Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott.  Myself and several other protesters had tried to attend the Labour rally so we could find out what they were up to, as it had been titled ‘Defend Democracy’ however we weren’t granted entry and carried on protesting outside of the building.

We encountered a variety of Leftist’s who were triggered by us simply being there. I personally believe every time the left announce a rally or protest it must be met with a counter protest. We simply cannot allow them an open pass. After all these are the very people that in reality want to take our rights away, they want us silenced, so that they can push on with degenerate, Communist agenda. Well we’re not going to let them win, are we?

The Labour party in my humble opinion are a complete disgrace to this country and they besmirch a Political system. They are hypocritical liars who are willing to do anything they can to seize power. We have an elected government who have been given a mandate by the British people to deliver Brexit. The irony is the #StopTheCoup protesters are actually telling people our Democracy is at threat from Boris and Brexiteers, when in fact its the Remainers that pose the greatest threat.

Political figures like Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott and the rest of the anti-Democratic, traitor brigade are whipping up hysteria about the actions of the Johnson Government. It’s absolutely disgraceful the way Remainers are behaving at the minute. We can’t even approach Politicians without being Arrested, Charged and Convicted.

I felt it was essential last night to make sure those treacherous Labour MP’s heard my voice. It’s about time they were greeted by the very people they’re attempting to screw over. I don’t quite understand why I was arrested last night. I acted in a lawful manner and didn’t break any laws. However I was the only one arrested to prevent a breach of the peace. I’m not going to lie last night was difficult, you see I’d gone from confronting the traitors to thinking I would be spending the next 8 weeks in a prison having to dodge Islamist gangs.

I’ve seen what people have been saying about me and my plea but ultimately I did what was best for myself. At the end of the day we aren’t going to be treated fairly and was it really worth going to prison over her. Absolutely not. Am I annoyed that I had to do it. Of course I am, I still have regrets about it and I always will. If I was a coward, I wouldn’t of done what I did last night or what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. I’m more use on the outside, than on the inside.

I get I’m like Marmite and I don’t expect everyone to like me but I will continue to challenge the Leftist/Islamist narrative.

Thank you to everyone that continues to support me, it really does mean the world. I must say a SPECIAL THANK YOU to every one that came and helped make last night possible.




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