Hypocritical Labour Vote To Abolish Private Schools

The Labour Party will be campaigning to abolish private schools after its activists voted to ensure it becomes part of IRA loving Jeremy Corbyn’s agenda.

Eton College

Anti-British Labour Activists voted on Sunday afternoon to commit the party to integrate the private education sector with the state education sector.

A senior party source has said this evening that Jeremy Corbyn would abide by the policy decisions made this evening at the conference.

It’s unclear at this point whether terrorist supporting Corbyn agrees with the motion that was passed.

If The Labour Party moves ahead with its plan to abolish private schools, it will most certainly and rightfully spark accusations of hypocrisy. Given the fact numerous Labour Party Mp’s and officials have had their children educated privately.

Shami Chakrabarti

Diane Abbott and Shami Chakrabarti both decided that a private education would be better suited for their children. Abbott before the vote had took place said she would back the policy if it was voted for by the party. She went into say.

Diane Abbott

As you well know, I sent my son to private school some years ago but if the parties take that position I would support it”

When told that many people would view the decision as hypocrisy. Abbott said “ I did what I did and I talked about it at the time and you can’t keep rehearsing those arguments”.

Holly Rigby, a spokeswoman for the Abolish Eton campaign said “This is what a democratic Labour Party looks like. We will dismantle systems of privilege and equality and build a society that works for millions and not the millionaires. The irony in that statement is breathtaking”.

The motion that was passed today at the conference calls for private schools to be stripped of their charitable status, to have limits placed on the number of their pupils who can attend certain universities and for their endowments and assets to be distributed into the state education centre.

My Opinion

The decision made today by the Labour Party wreaks of hypocrisy. Numerous Labour officials send their children to be privately educated. Closing down private schools will put even more of a burden on our education system, I mean where would all the pupils of the private schools end up? Corbyn’s answer is to nationalise everything and unfortunately that would bring this country to its knees. Instead of abolish private schools, why not invest in making state education on par with private education. After all we’re one of the richest countries in the world!

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  1. This horrible party, really boils my blood…

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