Greater Manchester Police Facilitate Extinction Rebellion SHUTDOWN of Deansgate!

Hypocritical, virtue signalling climate change activists have SHUTDOWN Deansgate in central Manchester. According to The Guardian the activists have blocked the street in protest at the “huge contradictions” of a city region that has declared a climate emergency planning to massively expand its airport.

        Photo: Ian Forsyth/Getty 

The group organisers have confirmed that the climate change protest will occupy the busy city centre street from Friday, August 30 2019 to Monday, September 2nd 2019.

Deansgate is one of the cities most polluted roads and the campaigners are planning on turning it into a ‘family friendly’ zone for the entirety of the protest.

Greater Manchester Police said “People intending to travel into Manchester during this period should consider allowing more time when planning their journey. Please follow @OfficialTFGM for the latest travel information.

“The public can expect to see an increased police presence in and around the city centre and across our transport network.

“Our aim is to facilitate the protest, whilst trying to minimise disruption to all those who work, live or who will be visiting Manchester over this period.

“GMP is working closely with all the relevant partners and is liaising with communities and businesses that will be affected by the protests.

It’s amazing how differently we’re treated by the Police when it comes to protesting, it would certainly seem to me that people who occupy the left side of the political spectrum have a huge advantage over protesters that sit on the right. I can’t imagine GMP facilitating a right wing shutdown of Deansgate or any other street in Manchester for that matter.

What I’m struggling to understand is why these ‘climate change activists’ who from what I can gather appear to be a group of jumped up self loathing, middle class honky’s aren’t spending there time campaigning against the world’s biggest polluters, countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Brazil and The United States. According to world population review there are 11 other countries that emit more co2 than the United Kingdom.

Whilst I understand their concerns, I can’t help but think that Extinction Rebellion is a nothing more than a front for the hard left, who are looking to recruit and brainwash as many people as possible into their twisted, victimhood narrative. I mean come on, how many of them are going to give up their holidays, cars and other modern luxuries. They want to overthrow Capitalism because some how they believe socialism/communism will save them, it won’t and as we all know Socialism/Communism has failed in every single country that it’s been implemented in, resulting in the deaths of 100m plus.


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