Germany’s Full U-Turn

Its been over 75 years since the end of WW2, one of the mostdevastating and bloody conflicts the world has ever seen. These defining, series of episodes of our modern history has truly shaped society as we know it as well as the modern political landscape.

The rise of Hitler’s National Socialist party made far right politics mainstream and acceptable
in pre-war Germany. After Germanys loss in WW2, Japan following soon after, the true atrocities of
war were unveiled. Genocide and murder – facilitated by many sides of the conflict. Unfortunately,
the communist Soviet Union under the evil dictator Stalin latched onto the winning side, becoming
the victors of this war (at the opposite end of the political spectrum too their counterpart, yet just as
evil). This brought a variety of problems, not just in Germany however around the world. Current
British curriculum teaches about the atrocities of the holocaust yet, never/very rarely mention the
Soviet gulags. It is a well-known fact that Soviet Gulags killed millions of political dissidents, Jews,
travelers and anyone that did not conform to Stalin’s reign of terror. There is a reason why we are
not taught about the rape and genocide of the innocent German civilians by the red army after
WW2. The victors of a war get too write history. Of course, the Nazis needed to go, however, so did
Bolshevism and the ‘red disease’.

Let’s fast forward the clock to 21 st Century Germany. Thanks to their current chancellor Angela
Merkel opening the floodgates to millions of economic migrants, Germany (alongside Sweden) has
now become the rape capital of Europe. The huge influx of migrants from 3 rd world countries, North
Africa and the Middle East, has turned many parts of Germany into a hell hole. The already cramped
hospitals and schools are at bursting point, simply not coping under the situation ethics philosophy
of its self-hating leader. The deputy leader of the AFD (Germany’s new right-wing party) told us that
in 2017 there had been ‘447 killings and murders’ by illegal migrants in Germany. From 2015-2018
there were a reported 1.5 million migrants that had entered Germany illegally… These are the ones
we know about!

Germany’s school curriculum is a critical head turner and only points too one thing – Communist
intervention post WW2. Late last year I was sent a video titled ‘How Germany Grapples with It’s Dark
Nazi Past’ – by CBS news.. The video is rife with
communist far left propaganda – praising Merkel as an ‘antidote to Trump’ as well as displaying
constant reminders left in German cities of their war crimes. Is Russia littered with anti-communist
monuments, graves of political dissidents and sites too mark the Soviet Death camps? No, it
certainly isn’t. The most harrowing part of the video is the school trip it shows us. Every year, school
children from this school are sent too a graveyard of low skilled workers from ‘outside Germany who were killed during the Nazi era ‘ – described as acts of atonement. These children look to be around 13/14 years old. I find this despicable as people in Germany are taught from a young age to feel guilty about their past, taught self-hatred whist being made to feel like people died because of them. A quote from a school-girl I will share from the video ‘I think I can’t change it and I’m not proud of it’. What type of impact does Germany’s government think this level of self-hatred will have on its citizens? Of course, history should serve as a reminder to us all , however this in inhumane and simply child abuse. Through months of study, I have found that modern Germany is spiraling out of control – into a self-hating communist euphoria thanks too the soviet unions influence post WW2. It is a slippery slope for Germany. They are having their economy, traditions and social standing eroded away by communist influence – many of them do not even know it. It is sad too watch from an outside stand-point, however once you know the facts it all becomes crystal clear.


To conclude: what the west should have done after WW2, was continue East, all the way to Moscow
to overthrow the evil dictator, Joseph Stalin. Communism is a cancer to the world and needs
expelled at every opportunity. It is in place to filter out traditionalism through political osmosis,
breed self -hatred and cause widespread distain through its people.

Submitted By Anonymous Notherner

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