General Election On The Horizon After The Remainers Seize Control of Commons

Tonight the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has lost a massive commons showdown as treacherous Remain MP’s attempt to block ‘No Deal’ Brexit. If the government loses the battle, he’s expected to table a motion calling an election for October 15th 2019. He needs two thirds of MP’s for the snap election to be called.

Boris lost the vote that gives the undemocratic, Remainer alliance control of Commons business, with their aim of stopping ‘No Deal’ Brexit. They’re attempting to block what 17.4 million people voted for and at the same time claim that they’re champions of Democracy, you really couldn’t make this nonsense up.

The government lost the vote by a huge margin of 27, in a unfortunate massive victory for the Remoaners. Mr Johnson said Parliament was ‘On the brink of wrecking the Brexit negotiations’ and I can’t help but agree with him. The Remainers have one intention and that’s to remain, no matter what the people voted for. These treacherous swines are giving the European Union everything it want’s. For the past 3 years we’ve had Remainer May and her friends attempt to keep us shackled to the failed superstate, we now finally have a man that intends to lead us out and deliver what the people voted for. Something must be done, they are basically siding with a foreign power and they should be treated as domestic enemies.

Comrade Corbyn who’s been calling for an election for the past two years said that ‘No Deal’ legislation must be passed before a ‘snap election’ can take place.

History will remember the Remain camp as traitors because that’s exactly what they are. They’ve spent the past 3 years undermining the democratic process. It really must stop. Basically what we’ve seen tonight is a temper tantrum from people who can’t and won’t accept that the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union on the 31st October 2019. They are petrified because they don’t want to lose the financial advantages they enjoy from the EU.

I think a fair and just solution would be: every person that is wanting the UK to remain in the EU, should pack their bags, sell their houses and emigrate to the EU, thus allowing the rest of the population to get on with their lives and hopefully make this country a better place for the coming generations. We didn’t fight 2 world wars to allow the political class to hand over our right’s to a bunch of buffoons in Europe.

If there is a General Election I truly believe it will be a victory for Brexiteers and then the government will have it’s 3rd mandate to deliver Brexit. The time for talking is over. We want to see action from 10 Downing Street, we want to leave, no if’s, no buts, no maybe’s!

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  1. david wakefield | September 4, 2019 at 23:23 | Reply


  2. Minority ruling the majority. Our parliamentary MP’s are traitorous self centered and corrupt, TIME TO TAKE TO THE STREETS AND PROTEST THESE LYING CHEATING SHITWEASLES.

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