Fanatical Remoaners PLOT Government Coup

According to reports in the mainstream media, PM Boris Johnson’s administration could be replaced by a ‘National Unity’ (Subjugation To The EU) Government headed by fanatical Remoaners who would be committed to delaying the UK’s departure from the European Union. Speculation is mounting that the Prime Minister will be forced to quit if he fails to secure a Brexit deal.

If this did happen, then quite frankly we don’t have ‘Democracy’ in this country anymore. PM Boris Johnson had already tabled a motion for a ‘Snap Election’ which was soundly rejected by Parliament which is predominately Remain. All they’ve done for the past 3 years is sabotage Brexit. They’ve worked cap in hand with the EU to delay Brexit and frustrate the will of the people whilst claiming to be ‘champions’ of Democracy.

Reports are stating that draft lists of ‘Interim’ Coalition Cabinets are being drawn up by the Democracy hating Lib Dems headed up by Jo Swinson and the Terrorist supporting Labour Party led by Marxist Jeremy Corbyn. The anti-Democratic MP’s are planning for a situation where the two parties form a Government with the SNP and the 21 Tory Traitors booted out by Boris for their Brexit betrayal.

The Cabinet of Traitors would by kept in place by a loose coalition in the House Of Commons of opposition parties who could together outvote Johnson’s Conservatives & the party’s DUP allies.

Rumour has it that the EU Subjugating Illiberal Anti Democrats are refusing to put Jeremy Corbyn into 10 Downing Street. Instead the ‘strategists’ have suggested either Ken Clarke or Hilary Benn as the most ‘acceptable’ PM.


According to one version of the draft coalition which apparently has been seen by The Mail on Sunday the following people would make up the following posts in the ‘Cabinet Of Chaos’

Prime Minister: Ken Clarke (Tories) Hilary Benn (Labour)

Home Secretary: Jo Swinson (Lib Dems)

Chancellor: John McDonnell (Labour)

Brexit Secretary: Keir Starmer (Labour)

Foreign Secretary: Rory Stewart (Tories)

Attorney General: Dominic Grieve (Tories)

Environment Secretary: Sir Ed Davey (Lib Dems)

Scottish Secretary: Ian Blackford (SNP)

As you can clearly see it would be a Cabinet made up of anti-Democratic, Brexit hating, Elitist, Westminster hags that are choosing to ignore what 17.4 million people voted for. How can they claim to be Democratic when they’ve refused to call a General Election? I personally believe that if the country was to hold a ‘General Election’ then either

  1. Boris would win a Majority
  2. A Hung Parliament with The Tories and The Brexit Party Entering a Coalition

Which would then give the government a 3rd mandate voted for by the people, to get on and deliver Brexit.

If Boris quits, which I really don’t believe he would, or is brought down by a vote of no confidence for refusing to obey an order. The order being ‘TREACHEROUS’ MP’s voting to make the Prime Minister beg the EU for a delay. If he is toppled then the opposition parties are expected to attempt to form their ‘Unity’ Government, which if it happened would stick two fingers up to Democracy and the electorate.

I’m really not quite sure how this could be allowed to happen as they would be unelected. Boris is in power because he was voted in by Tory party members and because of the fixed term Parliament act. No member of the ‘Cabinet of Chaos’ has been elected into Government by the people. If the current Tory Administration are toppled then the only acceptable outcome would be another General Election. We can’t allow un-elected fanatical Remainers to seize power and sabotage what the electorate voted for.

We should all be keeping a vigilant eye on the goings on with Brexit as our leaving date draws ever closer. The attempts to thwart it will increase. The globalist Remainers will stop at nothing to deny what we voted for. We can’t allow this to happen. Any attempts for the Remainers to seize power without the Electorate having their say, must be met with robust action


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