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It looks like my days on YouTube are numbered. I like everyone else was watching the events unfold in London on Saturday. I felt that I needed to give my thoughts on what had happened and also to show people some of the footage from the day. So I decided to throw a video together and in the video was footage of White patriots being attacked by BLM activists in sickening scenes, which have no place in a civilized country, I might add.











Within an hour of me uploading the video some of the features were disabled such as being able to share the video. A message came up before you could view the video stating that this content may be offensive or inappropriate to some audiences. So, why would members of the BAME community, BLM Activists and Antifa find my video inappropriate. I’ll tell you why. It’s because it exposes the BLM movement as a bunch of violent, race baiting terrorists who are using violence to try and further their political agenda.


Today YouTube sent me an e-mail stating that they had removed my video for breaking community guidelines. They gave me the option to appeal, which I did. However they clearly have a narrative to stick too, which is why they then gave my channel a strike and banned me from uploading any content to the channel for the next 2 weeks. All of this because I have given my thoughts on the savage behaviour of the BLM thugs and played clips of them attacking innocent WHITE men.

Whilst this recent ban is unfair it is to be expected, the alt left tech alliance of Facebook, Twitter & YouTube have a narrative to push and they’re not going to allow people a platform that push back against their anti-white agenda.

After approaching Anna Soubry outside of Parliament in 2019 I was taken off Facebook, Twitter, PayPal & Patreon because apparently my rhetoric can lead to real life violence. Any excuse to silence people that are using their platform to try and inform people of the grim fate awaiting Brits unless we can take back control from the Globalist elite.

So the chances are I’m more than likely going to be taken off YouTube. So just in case they do decide to get rid of me I’ve set up a Bitchute account and I’ll be uploading the majority of my videos there as it seems like the only option at this point. It’s crazy isn’t it? We have terrorists and anarchists that are allowed social media and a platform to voice their opinions meanwhile people like myself and many other nationalists are silenced.

So if I could ask you all to join me on Bitchute and help me grow the channel that would be fantastic. Thank you for taking the time to read this little piece and I assure you all that no amount of censorship will ever silence this mouth.

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