Ex Pm John Major & Remain Cheerleader Gina Miller Mount Legal Challenge To Stop The Suspension Of Parliament

Ex Prime Minister John Major & Anti Brexit campaigner Gina Miller have joined forces to oppose the suspension of Parliament in the courts. They’re joined by Labour MP Tom Watson and Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson.

The Tory former PM believes the move by Boris Johnson is aimed at preventing MPs from opposing a no-deal Brexit. He warned in July he would be prepared to seek a judicial review if the new PM attempted to suspend Parliament. The High Court is due to hold a preliminary hearing on Thursday and if the court agrees, a full hearing will take place the next day.

In a statement, Sir John said: “I promised that, if the prime minister prorogued Parliament in order to prevent members from opposing his Brexit plans, I would seek judicial review of his action.

“In view of the imminence of the prorogation – and to avoid duplication of effort, and taking up the court’s time through repetition – I intend to seek the court’s permission to intervene in the claim already initiated by Gina Miller, rather than to commence separate proceedings.”

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He added that he intended to “seek to assist the court from the perspective of having served in government as a minister and prime minister, and also in Parliament for many years as a member of the House of Commons”.

Sir John challenging the present leader of his own party in court comes despite his having been accused of using the prorogation mechanism for political ends himself when he was Prime Minister. It is claimed at the time of his suspending Parliament in 1997 that he had done so to delay the publication of a report into Members of Parliament allegedly taking cash in a corrupt manner — a major scandal at the time — in the run-up to that year’s election. Major has allied himself with other key REMAIN figures as they seek to frustrate the will of the people.

I have a feeling that history will remember Major and Co as traitors not only to their country, but to the people of the country as well. They represent everything that is wrong in our society. They are protecting the interests of the metropolitan elite who want Britain to be tied to the EU forever. In their warped, twisted minds they truly believe that they know best and our voices shouldn’t be heard. Ultimately they are pose a clear threat to the democratic process in this country. Before the referendum in 2016, Major appeared on The Andrew Marr show, where he was against a 2nd referendum, however that was before his side lost and surprise, surprise he now wants a people’s vote, presumably in the hope that Brexit will be cancelled. What we’re saying is the last gasps of a dying political movement that puts subjugation to the EU first and the will of the British people 2nd.

We all knew what we were voting for. We knew it was a once in a lifetime vote and it would be our choice, not the choice of the undemocratic political elite. I really wish these pompous clowns would get it through to their thick heads. WE’RE LEAVING and quite frankly if they don’t like it and they wish to remain in the EU, then there’s nothing stopping them from emigrating to their beloved Gold star, blue flag paradise.

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