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As many of you will know after the Soubry incident I was visited by Prevent, which is part of the UK’s Counter Terrorism Strategy known as CONTEST. Prevent works to stop individuals from getting involved or supporting terrorism or extremist activity. So why on Earth were they knocking on my door? When they should be focusing on the thousands of jihadists that are currently roaming our streets and undoubtedly pose a threat to our national security. Within 24 hours of the 2nd incident at Parliament I was permanently banned on Facebook, which was an attempt to silence me, I was stripped of my PayPal account which has removed a vital source of income along with my Patreon account. The Establishment have taken away my ability to lead a normal life. So now it’s my intention to carry on reporting, commentating, speaking and countering the degenerate Left. If you would like to support my work, please consider making a small monthly donation, which will go towards the costs of travel, banners, leaflets and much more.