Disgraced Former PM David Cameron Apologises For ‘Failing’ & Suggests A 2nd Referendum

Disgraced former Prime Minister and Remain supporter David Cameron has apologised for ‘failing’ whilst savaging our PM Boris Johnson and Micheal Gove.

Cameron claims that the pair lied to the public in the build up to the Brexit referendum vote back in June 2016 and he’s apologised for all the ‘Uncertainty’ caused because of the referendum result.

It’s vital to remember that Cameron was a part of Project Fear and claimed that there would be genocide in Europe because of the result. An outlandish claim that hasn’t turned into reality, thankfully!

The former PM proceeded to tear into Johnson and Gove over their conduct in the referendum. He said they ‘left the truth at home’ with claims that £350 million would be sent back into the treasury’s coffers.

Surprise, surprise the remainer in chief Mr Cameron is now calling for a 2nd referendum, as he believes it’s the only way to break the Brexit deadlock, how about they just deliver what we vote for instead? I’m sick to death of hearing elected officials savage and try to sabotage a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

When Cameron made his speech at Chatham House back in 2016, he explained to us all that vote to leave, would be a vote to leave the single market, customs union and jo more jurisdictions from the ECJ. We all knew what we were voting for and it’s infuriating that the political class treat us with such contempt.

Cameron is part of a campaign to keep Britain tied to the undemocratic EU forever. He represents a metropolitan liberal elite that are clearly out of touch with the electorate.

Let’s just hope Boris gets on with Brexit and delivers for the British people. It’s really quite simple

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