Death Threats Against Tommy Robinson & The MSM Stay Silent!

Only days after his release from his outrageous incarceration at HMP Belmarsh Tommy Robinson and his family are on the receiving end of death threats. Abdul Basir a follower of Islam, who appears to be mentally ill has posted a video in which he makes numerous threats to beat up Tommy and “Cut his neck off” he goes on to say that he will “cut Prince William’s neck off” Not only is he threatening Tommy and his family, he’s also threatening the future King of England and at this present time no action has been taken against this man, which is truly disturbing and highly worrying.


The videos have been uploaded to YouTube and are still online and available to view, despite the fact that they have clear threats of violence against individuals. YouTube operates and enforces a strict ‘Hate Speech’ policy which is why I can’t understand why the videos are still available to view when they clearly breach the platforms own policies.

This isn’t the first time that Bashir has uploaded his violent, extremist content to online platforms back in 2018 Bashir had posted videos online saying he was going to kill Tommy and his family. Which forced Tommy to track down Bashir before the Met Police I might add.

It certainly seems in society today that you can make threats against Tommy Robinson and pretty much get away with it, further more platforms like YouTube will facilitate these abhorrent threats against an independent journalist. This really does show the hypocrisy and blatant bias not only within online platforms but also the media.


If there had been threats made against a mainstream media journalist or left wing political commentator there would would of been uproar and outrage from the Establishment and MSM, however because it’s Tommy Robinson the media and online tech giants are doing their utmost to keep a lid on because they don’t want people knowing the truth and they certainly wouldn’t want to show a certain ideology in a bad light.

I decided to search ‘Tommy Robinson Death Threats’ into google and I have to say I was surprised at what came up on the first page. Instead of highlighting an article written by  about the threats aimed against Tommy, his family and Prince William, Google has opted to highlight an article about the twisted individual that threw a milkshake at Tommy on his MEP campaign in the North West back in May of this year.

Why haven’t any of the mainstream publications published news about the threats against Tommy? Well I believe they haven’t because they have a narrative to follow and agenda to fulfill. They don’t want Tommy to be shown as a victim because that would expose their blatant bias against him by building him as a hateful, far right extremist. When in fact that couldn’t be any futher away from the truth.

I wouldn’t class Tommy as a racist or hateful. I’d say he’s a right wing activist that has genuine concerns about the Islamisation of this country and the consequences from this. He’s an active campaigner and fund raiser for victims of ‘Grooming’ he’s helped garner more attention on a range of issues and campaigns for justice. However because he dares to call out extremists in a certain religion, our media portray him as a hate figure and its absolutely disgusting.

The blame for all of this should fall at the feet of the media and our politicians who continuously lie about the man and their lies are the reason Tommy and his family are being subjected to these vile threats of violence. It’s about time their was equality within our society because it certainly seems if you’re working class and you hold patriotic beliefs then you will be treated unfairly compared to the sell out leftists and enforcers of political correctness.

Let’s hope the Police and the relevant authorities actually do their job and bring charges against Bashir. I mean after all if our courts are locking people up for literally words, then I’m sure they’ll have no problem in locking up someone who’s repeatedly threatening violence in online posts. Maybe one of Sadiq Khan’s 800 or so hate speech officers will choose to act in the right manner for once.

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  1. Thomas Mulcahy | September 19, 2019 at 07:43 | Reply

    Brilliant article James and spot on.

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