Crazed Lib Dem Galen Milne Is Sacked After Saying Jacob Rees Mogg Should Be Hung, Drawn & Quartered!

Galen Milne, a crazed Liberal Democat candidate has today been sacked for calling for violence against Brexiteers on social media. Mr Milne a Scottish Lib Dem candidate had been hoping to run in the next General Election, however due to his disgusting and vile comments made on Fascistbook, party leader and Remainer in chief Jo Swinson has had to sack him and quite rightly so.

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Mr Milne called for Mr Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, Michael Gove and David Davis to be ‘hung, drawn and quartered, with each quarter being sent to the 4 corners of the UK to be burned at the stake’. The brutal and sadistic punishment was handed out in the Middle Ages in England to men found guilty of high treason.

I find it rather perplexing that we have so called ‘tolerant’ Liberal MP’s calling for violence against Brexiteers on the grounds of treason! The only group of people who in my eyes are guilty of treason would be anyone that voted Remain and has worked actively to try and sabotage Brexit. I’m sick to death of hearing about how Democracy is under threat because of Brexiteers. The only threats to Democracy are coming from fanatical remainers who are doing the utmost to sabotage the United Kingdom from leaving the European Union.

Sacked Lib Dem Candiate, Mr Milne apologised this afternoon, saying: ‘I deeply regret the offensive statements on social media. I want to apologise to anyone that I have offended.’

A Scottish Lib Dem spokesman added:  ‘Such language is unacceptable and offensive. Galen Milne will not be a Liberal Democrat candidate at the General Election.’

Over the past few months we have witnessed the rhetoric from the Remainers gradually become more and more violent.

We only have to look back to June of this year and the comment made by the grotesquely obese Jo Brand who said “Why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid?” The comments Brand made were absolutely disgusting, calling for Nigel Farage to be attacked with battery acid something which would seriously maim him, how is this woman still in a job, yet again this highlights the double standard that manifests in our society today.

Recently at a demonstration on Whitehall, Danny Tommo had a Remainer say to him that Leavers should be gassed and Auschwitz for Leavers.

Do we see wide spread condemnation and Police action against these people? No, Of course we don’t. We all know there’s political bias institutionalized into our Police forces which means they choose to ignore the behaviour of the remainers, whilst clamping down on Brexiteers.

I myself have witnessed this on numerous occasions, one only has to go and protest outside Parliament next to the undemocratic, treacherous remoaners. They can assault you, shout and swear at you, attempt to intimidate you and the Police will facilitate it. Yet you call a Politician a Nazi and they’ll be sure to come down on you like a ton of bricks.

The comments from the Lib Dem candidate aren’t really surprising, we all know deep down the hatred the Remainers have for Brexiteers, their meaning of Democracy is some what far away from the actual meaning. I mean for instance they still can’t grasp that 52% is bigger than 48%, they won’t accept the result of the referendum because they don’t agree with it and that’s not how Democracy works and our educated, elected officials really should know this. The fact they’re choosing to ignore it, highlights how out of touch with people they are and why these people need removing from power.

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