Bye Bye Bercow!

Finally the pint sized, pompous Speaker of The House John Bercow has announced that he’s quitting his role, which has been tarnished by his blatant support of the Remain campaign.

Bercow has effectively jumped before he was pushed, after Tories vowed to oust him at the looming election over his handling of the remainer legislation that’s been put in place to prevent our PM from carrying out the wishes of the people.

Our brave PM Boris Johnson is poised to gain some revenge over the obnoxious Remainer, with the outgoing speaker to be the the first in 230 years that won’t be offered a peerage.

Allies of Boris have said he will rip up the convention that Commons Speakers are automatically elevated to the Upper House. In the same way Bercow repeatedly ignored Parliamentary precedent when dealing with Brexit

Poisonous dwarf Bercow continued his approach of frustrating the government and the majority of people that voted for Brexit by approving two emergency debates that could be damaging to the government. Before delivering a vicious tirade at a minister, who voiced his objection.

I doubt very much that Bercow will be missed by anyone other than the undemocratic Remoaners who are seeking to destroy this countries democracy.

We must remember Bercow’s time as Speaker has been tarnished with controversy and deceit. He was heavily criticised expensive globetrotting, lavish entertainment bill and getting the British taxpayer to fund renovations of his opulent grace and favour apartment. He even had the audacity to charge the British public for his Sky Sports package. Allegations of bullying were also rife.

To summarise John Bercow represents everything that is wrong in our political system. He’s used his position to aid a revolt against Democracy whilst claiming to be its champion. Quite frankly he’s abused his position as speaker and has brought shame onto the role.

His final acts were to further frustrate a government that is simply aiming to deliver what the people of this country voted for. The political class should be reminded that they are our representatives and they should be working to implement what we voted for, instead I think the power has gone to the heads. However, ultimately they will be the losers when we punish these treacherous fools at the ballot box

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