Britain is Racist! According To 84% Of Non Whites That Live Here!

An overwhelming majority of non white adults in the UK say the nation is racist and that our children must be taught about colonialism. This coming from research recently carried out by YouGov.


69 per cent of BAME people polled in the study backed changing the school curriculum to “reflect more on diversity and Britain’s colonial past. Which basically means they want the education system to teach our children how ‘evil’ the British Empire was and how diversity enriches us, which is obviously complete, utter rubbish. However we do now live in clown world and given the fact we have Marxist filth running the education system, I wouldn’t be too surprised if our children were forced to apologize for the actions of men and women that lived over 300 years ago.

According to the poll, 65% of BAME said they supported the removal of the statue of Edward Colston, a merchant born in the 17th century due to his business links to the slave trade. The statue of Colston was illegally toppled in Bristol earlier this month.

31% of people polled backed the unlawful destruction of the statue, however 34% of people asked said they approved of the statue being removed “but not in the way it was done”

Furthermore 56% of the people asked said they would support “the removal of all statues of historical figures with links to slavery from British towns and cities”. I find it very alarming that the majority of BAME people asked want to tear down Britain’s history, our statues and monuments to the great men and women of this country should be celebrated and certainly not pulled own. They are a constant reminder of achievement and success. If BAME people are offended by our history, then they really must ask themselves whether they should carry on living in this country.

Ultimately this country for the time being is a white majority country, we should be allowed to remember the great men and women of the past without being labelled ‘racist’. I for one couldn’t care less about what they call us. I know our history, I know who we are as a people and I’m proud of that. I will never give in to their agenda of emotional blackmail.

Anyone that believes that the native population have some sort of privilege really must pull their heads out of their backside. We now live in a society where you can lose your job for flying a ‘White Lives Matter’ banner over the Etihad stadium, not only did Jake Hepple lose his job. His partner also lost her job because of you guessed it ‘racist tweets’ in the past and the fact her partner flew the banner over the Etihad. Meanwhile Cambridge University professor Priyamvada Gopal bragged the institution had promoted her following backlash from the public over tweets she posted asserting that “White Lives Don’t Matter. As white lives.”

So whilst the Bame community moan about racism, real racism against the native population is taking place on an industrial scale. However the media and the politicians want that swept under the carpet. The fact that 68% of Bame people polled supported the Black Lives Matter protests really does highlight how much of a problem that community poses to the stability and prosperity of this nation. How can any normal person support a movement that wants to close prisons, smash capitalism and defund the police. Obviously these people want a nation without law and order, a nation full of anarchy.






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