Brexit Mess!

It’s been almost 3 years since the Great British public made the brave decision to leave the European Union. We could have written the script ourselves. The script being the Establishment attempting to undermine the biggest democratic exercise in British history.

During the build up to the referendum, our elected officials and the liberal metropolitan elite attempted to scaremonger us in to remaining a member of the E.U. The government even spent £9 Million of tax payers money on propaganda which they happily sent through our letterboxes.

We were told that just by voting to leave, we would witness the following

  1. Genocide in Europe
  2. An Emergency Budget
  3. Instant Recession
  4. WW3 Would Break Out

Throw in the scaremongering and grandstanding from champagne socialists such as Lineker, Bob Geldof & Richard Branson, labelling Brexiteers as stupid and racist, it’s a miracle we that we actually we won the referendum, given the odds were stacked against us from the start. Even Obama got in on the act, stating that Britain would be at the back of the Queue for a trade deal, well we all know how well that worked out for him. The rest is history, we made the brave decision to leave & ever since that day, sinister, anti-democratic forces within this country have been actively working to overturn the referendum.

Now we find ourselves in a difficult but predictable situation, you see the political class never had any intention of letting us leave, which is why they replaced David Cameron with arch remoaner, Theresa May. The Mainstream media besmirched the reputation of Andrea Ledsom, you remember the pro Brexit MP that would of been a far better choice than May. The next stage of their plan was to prevaricate for two and a half years, to avoid making plans for an orderly exit.

Our elected officials & their companions in the civil service should have spent their time preparing industry, business & the public sector for how they should operate in a post E.U Britain. Instead they decided to act like petulant children & no significant preparations were made for our departure. Scaremongering & attempting to undermine democracy. Is this really what we want from our politicians?

Now the smokescreen they’ve thrown up is that we didn’t vote for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, so let’s go back to Cameron’s Chatham house speech, where he told the country, that a vote to leave would be…

  1. To leave the single market
  2. To leave the customs union
  3. No more jurisdiction from the ECJ

It’s not the choice of the politicians, it’s your choice.

Even if it was a question of people not voting for ‘No Deal’ the referendum asked what people wanted and the majority voted to leave. The deal/no deal issue is a question of how we leave. Lo and behold the treacherous MP’s have planned a Brexit that is so soft, we’d be better off in the EU, or they’ll give us a 2nd referendum with disingenuous choices of remaining or stopping Brexit. This is completely unacceptable as Remain has already been ruled out, because we voted to leave. The option of a soft Brexit is infinitely more unsavoury than No Deal, because the majority voted to leave.

Now we’ve seen there’s going to be a delay until possibly the 31st October 2019, this is the reason we must oust these traitors, we must punish them at the ballot box.

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  1. Dear James

    I’ve done a whois check on his domain name for his website ‘Fall of the Western Man’, you can send him an email by his domain host.

    I hope all is well

  2. Unfortunately I’m banned from Twitter and Facebook too.

    I can’t find his email address on his website, Facebook and Twitter page for you to message him.

    All you can do is post a comment on his YouTube channel and his latest video to get his attention.

    It would be a very interesting collaboration.

  3. Peter Angle | April 16, 2019 at 12:44 | Reply

    OK, let’s not pay any council tax. Schools, bin collections, buses, jobs will be affected. You haven’t really thought this one through, have you?

    Also: Mark Collett is what you wrongly accuse an MP of being.

  4. James Goddard

    You mentioned on the Wake Up UK stream few days ago that you wanted to be interviewed by various individuals of the ‘right wing’.

    I suggest you should interview Mark Collett who does ‘This week in the Alt-Right’ show hosted every Wednesday at 7pm (UK time) on his YouTube channel.

    His Facebook account is

    I know you’re banned from Facebook, but I suggest you get someone to contact him on your behalf.

    I also do like to see Dave Russell interviewing Mark Collett on his Friday night rant show.

    I do hope it happens because it would be an interesting collaboration.

    Best regards

  5. Get behind the:


    campaign – cancel your payments after April 12 when they keep us in the EU!

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