Best For Britain Threatens The Queen Over Brexit!

An EU loyalist group has appeared to have threatened Her Majesty The Queen after she agreed to prorogue Parliament for a few weeks before the Brexit deadline.

After hearing the news, that The Queen had agreed to PM Boris Johnson’s request to suspend Parliament, so that his Government can push on with their new legislative programme on October 14th, The George Soros, globalist, treacherous group tweeted ‘ If the Queen is asked to help, she would do well to remember history doesn’t look too kindly on royals who aid and abet the suspension of democracy,” the anti-Brexit group added darkly, appearing to allude to the fate of the monarch’s ancestor Charles I, who tried to govern without Parliament and was in the end publicly beheaded.

The Globalist backed group is deliberately misleading the general public by claiming that The Queen’s decision to approve the PM’s request, has somehow involved her in Politics. In reality, The Queen could choose to reject the request, however that would mean that she’s interfering in politics and place the Monarchy in danger.

Her Majesty

I think it’s safe to say we all know the path that the left and the remoaners wish to take us down and that’s the overthrow of Democracy, subjugation to the EU and abolishing the monarchy. God help all of us if these traitors are to ever take power.

Owen Jones and his Remoaner buddies have called for protests all over the country in order to ‘Save Democracy’ they MUST be met with counter protests by people like us, who ACTUALLY believe in DEMOCRACY and Brexit.

The link below is for the upcoming Remoaner protests. I encourage everyone to take to the streets and stand up for Brexit. We must do this in a lawful manner, however that doesn’t mean we have to be quiet. It’s time to show the remoaners that the majority doesn’t agree with them!

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  1. To threaten our Queen who is 93 and given her life to the people of this country. Where has the respect gone?people who are jumped up aresholes need to grow up and read a few books on British history.

  2. Jules what the fuck?😂😂


  4. the left do not know the meaning of democracy, I am counter protesting these remainers tonight at Norwich!!!

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