3 People Dead In Glasgow As Police Scotland Declare Major Incident!

3 people have been killed and a police officer slashed in a suspected terror attack in Glasgow. The male knifeman was shot dead by an armed police officer. It is not clear whether those dead include the suspect.

Six people are reported injured and are in hospital, including one critically injured police officer. Police Scotland has declared a major incident and set up a half mile cordon in the city centre after the suspect ran into the Park Inn Hotel in West George Street and began knifing people in the reception.

Shaun, a guest at the Park Inn Hotel witnessed the attack and had this to say

I heard loud noises. A woman screaming for help, but I couldn’t see from my window what’s going on. I took the stairs to the ground floor and in the reception it was full of blood everywhere on the floor, a receptionist got stabbed. And then when I went out of the entrance, I saw another receptionist got stabbed. The sad part is I know them. I called my mum and told her immediately not to come down from my room.’

Another witness told Radio Clyde News:

‘I came down the stairs and there was blood all over the reception area. I came outside and there was another person lying on the ground receiving treatment.’

A witness named Louisa told Sky News:

‘I was in a building on West George Street, I was higher up so I could see what was going on. We’re inside, We’re safe on a high floor, we’re staying put for the time being. 

‘In the aftermath I saw people who were being treated, they were covered in blood, there was blood all over them. There were armed police telling people to come out of the hotel with their hands up… there was a large group of them.

‘I saw at least three being treated at the scene before they were taken away in ambulances. There were police cars, ambulances all over the street.’

Another Witness told the Daily Record:

‘We’ve barricaded our offices because we were being safe in case it was terrorism. This is really scary.’


My Opinion:

It would appear that our country and people are headed for dark days. 2 attacks in the space of 6 days. The first one happened last Saturday at a park in Reading, when a Libyan man killed 3 people and injured. Then today we’ve seen horrific scenes unfold in Glasgow, where 3 people are reported dead and a police officer is fighting for his life in hospital. Never did I assume that things would accelerate like this.

Whilst I’m no fan of the Police given everything that they’ve done to myself and Tracy Blackwell. In no way do i endorse or support attacks on Police Officers.

Unfortunately attacks like this will become more frequent because of the actions of the political class, these people have allowed savages from the 3rd world to come here in droves and ultimately that has led to an increase in violent crime and drug dealing. If we really are to defeat our enemies and restore this country to it’s former glory then really must start having a debate about repatriation. However this will never become a reality until we can unseat the political parties. Whether it’s Labour, The Cuckservatives or the Illiberal Anti-Democrats unless we elect a true nationalist party then our fate is sealed.

A white lives matter banner that was flew over the Etihad caused more outrage in the media than the deaths of 3 white people. They aren’t even trying to hide their agenda anymore. The media should be the ones reporting on incidents honestly, however instead they twist stories and events to suit their anti-white agenda and I for one am completely sick to the back teeth of it.

The Solution:

As i said previously the solution to the 3rd world savages is to implement a policy of repatriation, it really is the only way we will be able to make our country safe again. These people continually flood into our nation on a daily basis and it’s hardly like they contribute to society, they are ultimately leeches that will feed of the state and it will be to you the taxpayer to carry on paying for the welfare and upkeep of 3rd world savages that don’t deserve to be in this country. The time for polite discourse is over. These people are literally trying to destroy everything we hold dear.





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